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‘Killsonic,’ one late evening in Los Angeles.



It’s one a.m., and anyone who’s anybody is rooftop on Fire Station number twenty-three. The essence of oblivion cascades from this relic, and I am one with the city, and all is well. We, those of us here, will transcend the chasm, and will rise above this to give freely, and to take what is given from the heart of skid row.

I wish you had come, – and so you know not bliss if you have not danced up here. If you have not been aloft, on the peak of a building erected in nineteen ten. If you have not worn a top hat, or flowed gracefully while performing near naked. Revealing your skin. Displayed that which you are, and will become. You are beauty dancing an animalistic ballet, clad in leopard-skinned leotards.

If you have not watched from a distance as the Los Angeles skyline bleeds forth, and reaches for the heavens as majestic neon and empty office lights twinkle above. Then we are your witnesses and will remain; are suspicious of the cold hearted, enveloping fog that represents us all.


If you have not emerged God-like, kissed, and loved a woman dancing with a crutch, her hair adorned with blue feathers bird like, if you have not found a religion, a cult, a reason for living, than you have not heard the blare of horns, the call of the trumpets, the school band drums, and while the accordion played his voice invoked, called everything to merge, and to be as one.

He hummed, intoned, howled out, and into the descending darkness roared… I am not afraid… “You there… standing near the edge of the abyss, take heed, come listen a little longer, and if you wish… you can jump another time.”

If you have not perceived sound, listened to it all, and become one with who you are. I beg you; you must listen to the band. And as I stand here the mob calls. We christened and in chorus, chanted the name, cried out… Killsonic, Killsonic, Killsonic!

Story by: Richard McDowellwww.lifeasapoet.com


KillSonic will be playing in NYC this week at the following venues;


9/5/2009 @ 10:00 PM

113 Ludlow (btw Rivington & Delancey)


Le Poisson Rouge

9/6/2009 @ 8:15 PM
158 Bleeker St. NYC, New York, New York