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Is it true that Kate Moss has blemished skin?


kate-moss-has-blemished-skiWhen a supermodel’s extra curricular activities and the media catch up with her…

Just in case you were wondering, new close up photos (and we mean CLOSE UP) from ST. Tropez, France suddenly have the world wondering what ever happening to their angel – uber human being and beautiful person/model (interchangeable words at this point no?) Kate Moss?

A careful inspection of photos show gasp horror that Kate has what was thought to only surface on regular human beings- not super/uber (also interchangeable words?) models.

The report from the Daily Mail notes that pictures of Kate on holiday show clear signs of a furrowed forehead, crows feet, freckles and blemishes – things commonly associated with mere mortals. The report then goes onto speculate whether the 3 C’s in Kates life (Coca Coke, Cigarettes, and CHAMPAGNE) have finally made their impact on the 35 year old and what this all means.

In any event while the world speculates about Kate, Kate continues to bask in the French Riviera on a luxury yacht, luxury friends and with her ciggies close by.

When super models prefer enjoying life as opposed to living up to your public perception of them…

Kate Moss is wearing the effects of plenty of cigarettes and alcohol and the St Tropez sunshine

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