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Inge Bongo – the first lady of an oil rich African state living off food stamps in America.


inge-bongoWhen life becomes topsy turvy.


Inge Bongo, pictured to the left will technically become oil rich Gabon’s first lady today as her abusive husband who she ran away from many years ago will likely win elections in the African statehood. What makes this case intriguing is that while she’s been living on food stamps in California with her two children, her recently deceased father in law, Omar Bongo, died one of the richest men in Africa.

With her husband’s expected electoral win in Gabon today, Inge is hoping that Ali Bongo (also now married to a second woman, a legal act in Gabon) with his new role as president will now own up to paying child support and help her in the rearing of their adopted children (due to savage beatings and miscarriages Inge can not have her own children).

As divine as this idea all is our bet is that Inge will be living off food stamps for a while yet to come.

‘When people get involved with horrible people horrible people tend to stay horrible no matter how good things one get.’ Psychology department 102, page 2 – Character traits of horrible people…


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