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Fantastic Model of the week- Jesus Luz.


jesus-luz-madonnaWhen Madonna is now your sidekick…


Jesus Luz or as commonly pronounced ‘hey- zooz’ in Latin America has resoundingly taken out pick for uber model of the week. Fully aware are the perennial favorite of media and society alike we too decided to pay close attention to Madonna’s boy toy acquisition as he managed to eke past a fat Diego Maradona and be nominated as the the prettiest mess this side of Beunos Aires.

Pleased that clothing label Ona Saez now fully belongs to the expressionless ‘Hey- zooz’ we take pride and perhaps some degree of consternation of ‘Hey-zoo’s ‘ postures who we suspect didn’t learn them from Maradona.

First notice the absent stoic stare that suppose to fixate us into some neo Renaissance semblance.

Next also notice the 8 pack. We know being involved with Madonna has spawn new muscle territory for ‘Hey-zooz’ and we’re sure as far as Madonna was concerned 6 pack was never going to be enough for Madge and by extension it was never going to be enough for us. If only we had the courage to do 20 sit ups a month…

Third and finally notice the necklace of “Hey-zooz’s cross showcasing no other than ‘Hey- zooz’ himself . It’s a wonderful kind of metaphor – ‘hey I’m the new messiah in town and I’m on your front cover.’

Our advice to Madonna – ‘honey you better run for your life, you’ve just become ‘Hey-zooz’s new side kick.’

When a sit up a day helps you get closer to God…

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  • Holly shit.
    Jesus Luz is BRAZILIAN, not argentino. Buenos Aires is in Argentina, ot Brasil..
    Brasil´s biggest cities: Rio, São Paulo, BH, Salvador, Recife, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Floripa.

    And his name is not “hey zooz”. In Brasil we don´t speak spanish.
    So, his name sounds like “jay zooz” but without the “y” “ja zooz” not jah but jay without y. And even if you understood this, there´s noty exactly the way it is.

    donkey, that´s what you are.
    you must start to abandon your own navel bottom and take a look to the real world.

    Seus incompetentes, mal informados.