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Dale NEUMANN- Say a pray for the dying.


dale_neumannWhen praying isn’t enough…




From Wisconsin comes the tale of a family’s unyielding belief in the power of faith. A power that ultimately led to their 11year old daughter’s death and the parents facing up to 25 years in prison for second degree reckless homicide.

Dale Neumann was yesterday found guilty in the court of law for manslaughter (his wife – Leilani Neumann) was found similarly guilty earlier this spring in the death of their daughter Madeline. Why? Because rather than rush and take their ill daughter stricken with an undiagnosed form of diabetes her parents insisted that ‘praying’ alone would bring their daughter back to health.

Described as behaving like ‘a drunk who had no fewer than a couple of beers,’ the district attorney – Jacobson was appalled that the couple did not seek outside help as by this stage Madeline had ceased to eat, walk, talk and eventually breathe. In fact it was only after she stopped breathing was a call to 911 made.

Of course there are always moments one should have faith in their beliefs but one is inclined to wonder, pride, vanity or irrevocable belief in the divine sometimes alone can never restore the things you value on Earth.

Then again it seems the Neumann’s valued God above their child, too bad for Madeline, and also too bad for Dale and Leilani.

When living on a prayer gets you thin air.

Wis. jury: Father guilty in prayer death case

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