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‘We were waiting for God’ Alexandru Radita parents jailed for starving diabetic son in faith healing

Alexandru Radita
Pictured, Alexandru Radita who died just weighing 37 pounds at the age of 15.
Alexandru Radita
Pictured, Alexandru Radita who died just weighing 37 pounds at the age of 15.

The parents of Alexandru Radita a diabetic teen boy who died weighing 37 pounds have been found guilty of first degree murder after denying him medical care. 

The Canadian parents of Alexandru Radita have been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years after effectively condemning their diabetes son to a death sentence after insisting that God would heal their sick child.

At the time of the boy’s death in 2013, the 13 year old teen weighed a mere 37 pounds after literally starving to death.

Found guilty of first degree murder, the conviction of Emil Radita, 60, and Rodica Radita, 54, comes after the religious parents insisting on faith based healing as opposed to seeking medical attention.

The son was one of eight children of the couple at the time of his death reported the edmontonjournal.

In making her ruling on Friday, Justice Karen Horner said Alexandru died a painful death as a result of complications brought on by untreated diabetes and starvation after enduring years of isolation and neglect.

Complications that the judge said could have been avoided had the parents taken proper precaution. 

Alexandru Radita
Pictured, Alexandru Radita at the age of 15.

Told Justice Horner: ‘Mr. and Mrs. Radita intended to and did isolate Alex from anyone who could intervene or monitor his insulin treatment aside for themselves’.

She explained the boy died as a result of bacterial sepsis brought on by extreme starvation, adding that it was clear the Raditas knew what they were doing in refusing their son the proper doses of insulin.

Reiterated the judge: ‘The evidence underscores that the Raditas were well aware how ill Alex was and still refused to treat his medical condition with proper insulin protocol and medical care,’

‘They knew he was dying’.

Adding: ‘Your actions in starving your son Alex to death are beyond comprehension,’

‘You persisted in arrogant confidence … until he was dead.’

Court heard family prayed over starved diabetic teen, Alexandru Radita instead of calling for help. Pictured, Emil Radita, 59, and his wife Rodica Radita, 53, who were found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 death of their 15-year-old son Alex.

During trial the parents conceded not seeking out medical treatment as part of their religious beliefs.

Instead the couple maintained that they were waiting for God.

Alberta’s chief medical officer Jeffrey Gofton gave evidence at the trial and, according to the Calgary Sun, said that Alexandru appeared to be so badly neglected, his fat and muscle reserves were depleted and his teeth had rotted away.

Witnesses testified the Raditas refused to accept their son’s illness, despite several hospitalizations and didn’t treat the condition at all until he nearly died in 2003.

Social workers placed Alexandru in foster care after he left the hospital, where he stayed — and thrived — for nearly a year. Social worker, Patricia MacDonald fought against returning him to his parents, but he was reunited with his family and they moved to Alberta.

Alexandru Radita
Pictured, Alexandru Radita as his condition deteriorated.

Following their move, Alex enrolled in an online school program, but he never finished. There’s no evidence the boy ever visited a doctor, though he did have an Alberta health insurance number noted Canada’s CTV News.

Told the social worker after the rendering of Friday’s verdict: ‘I’m happy with the verdict. I think that it really is justice for Alex,’

Adding: ‘He went through a horrible ending to his life and I’m glad to see his parents be held accountable.’

Alexandru Radita
Pictured, Alexandru Radita parents, Emil Radita and Rodica Radita.

Prosecutor Susan Pepper said the case was incredibly difficult for everyone involved and hoped it would bring about changes in how children in the care system are tracked moving forward.

‘The facts that Justice Horner found were such that you really did see the magnitude of Alex’s suffering, how long it was and how extensive it was,’ Pepper said. ‘Certainly the evidence that was presented in court does show that the system and the social safety net in our province and in our country did fail Alex.’

The day the Alexandru died, the family went to church and said that the boy had died, but that God had resurrected him.

Alexandru Radita
Alexandru Radita
Alexandru Radita
Alexandru Radita