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40 goats, 20 cows- Will Chelsea Clinton accept ?


40-goatsA marriage proposal out of Kenya..

Here comes the story of Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, a Kenyan councilor and farmer who has once again approached Secretary General Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton’s hand in marriage. Initially approached by Mr. Chepkurgor in 2000, Mr. Chepkurgor has once again offered his deal to Mrs. Clinton upon her recent return to Kenya and this time Mrs. Clinton has promised to not get in the way and will duly communicate Mr. Chepkurgo’s intent of marriage to Chelsea.

Already married, Mr Chepkurgor is reportedly very smitten with Chelsea and has assured Hillary Clinton that Mr.Chepkurgor’s first wife would take no exception if he were to marry Chelsea (why would she right?) and wanted to stress to Hillary the generosity of his offer and that in Kenyan society it comes as a well regarded dowry.

In any event Mr. Chepkurgor along with us are waiting to see if Chelsea will accept Mr.Chepkurgor’s offer.

Who says money can’t buy love..?

Kenyan renews Chelsea goat offer

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  • Chester

    50 goats, 30 cows, 20 horses plus a case of Corona for your hand in marriage Chelsea