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US Mag wants to tell you how Michael Jackson became a drug addict.


us-mag-wants-to-tell-you-hoThe myths and rumors that most celebrity journals excel in…

Just in case you were wondering how Michael Jackson ended up becoming a drug addict (the implication is that something awful must have happened to Michael to get him to this stage not the idea that maybe he just enjoyed getting off…) US mag decided on Wednesday to spoon feed us some baloney about a never released video of Michael having his hair burning up during a filming of a Pepsi commercial which went horribly wrong.

If one could fathom other guesses as to why Michael took to drugs maybe the idea that he never had a childhood, was under continuous media scrutiny, that allegations (actual or not ) that Michael was a pedophile could also have served to inspire escapism.

Then again when you are in the business of creating heroes it’s never a good idea to allude to some inconvenient events that could possibly tarnish a rising ‘merchandising wet dream.’

Better to make Michael the victim, so let’s watch another angle of a video we never knew existed except for the story that is newly making the rounds again, twenty four years later.

The fun things media likes to exploit…

How Michael Jackson’s Pill Addiction Began


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