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Salon finally confesses that ‘IKEA is nearly as bad as ‘WALMART’.


ikeaCorporate America going down the tube, whilst still on discount.


Here’s an idea- what can you get away with when you underpay your employees, abuse laws or find abundant loop holes so you can sell the thing that ought to have cost three times as much if it were made with some sort of regard to ethics? The answer -a lot, especially if you are the guy who’s been abused or taken advantage of along the way. Then again, we’re all taken advantage of some where along the way, it’s just IKEA and WALMART didn’t want to tell you before SALON did.

Ahh- investigative journalism

According to Slate, the world might on the whole be a fun place to live in, especially if you don’t mind shoddily made products, food which when you ultimately consume it is full of antibodies or products that the kids that made that wonderful sweater your new girlfriend is in love with comes from the labors of some malnutrition child. Ugly inconveniences aside, Slate let’s us in on the fun things that you thought you wouldn’t dare read on a Sunday afternoon.

Salon’s Stephanie Zacharek explores the ‘lively and terrifying book “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture,”  as written by Ellen Ruppel Shell.

In any event we wonder what this all means, whether you’ll keep shopping for those shoddy products, not because you necessarily want to, but because you can’t afford otherwise. Of course- it all comes to bite you in the ass in the end.

Just make sure not to put to many heavy books on that IKEA bookshelf, it may eventually end up falling on your head. But you kind of knew that already…

IKEA is as bad as Wal-Mart

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  • reph

    I agree with you but, Ikea was relatively cheap and decent until like 2003. They built their reputation and then they raised prices because people keep going there anyway.

  • Istara

    What always amazes me is how expensive Ikea is given what rubbish it usually is. You can usually buy functional and even beautiful (non-collectible) antique furniture for a fraction of the price. Particularly with wooden items, there is just no comparison.
    It’s hard to believe the amount of stuff lying around in “junk” shops that is just as nice – and that’s before sanding, stripping and staining should you want to make the effort.
    Ikea is great for certain items. Some soft furnishings, storage solutions, cheap crockery. These are things that are less appealing to buy second hand. But when it comes to furniture the ideal “Ikea” home is usually an expensive, hideous myth.

  • We’re also inspired by the philanthropic efforts of ‘Walmart ‘ as well- who is able to make wonderful gestures only because they make their employees work (at least in the past) without recourse to over time pay.

    Don’t you like corporate welfare?

  • Ask Nelly

    I’m aware that the owner of Ikea is one of the richest people in the world, but I have heard very little of his philanthropy. Unlike Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who’s charitable contributions are well documented. Anybody know any more than I do, which is little?