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Sean Combs- ‘If I can only attract B list celebrities to my party does that mean I’m now B grade myself?


quasimodo-20whipped-20closeupThe enviable affairs of fluff…


We read in this morning’s gutter journal the NYPost how Sean Combs was only able to attract a consortium of B grade guests at his B grade party over in LA. With a lack of confirmations ‘Puff Daddy,’ was only able to siphon your unbooked B celebs to help him make meaning of his life and one imagines very expansive view of the basckyard.

Those who were able to make it were –Paddle Pop, Peter Pan, Quasimodo, Scotch Drinker, and high as a kite Lindsay Lohan (but she’s C grade right?) .

Nevertheless we imagine Puffy must have had a lot of fun and at one stage let a tear trickle down his face.

How unfair life is when you go from A grade to B grade without really even trying, maybe if I stayed in the Hamptons after all…


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  • Dada King

    Was he ever not B list? After the death of Biggie I mean…