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Sally Golan finds her Bunny hole…



‘Eat me.’ This must have been inscribed, at some point, on the large white canvas adorning the back black wall of the bar.  The Jonathan Shorr Gallery generously donated three of its artists, Gregory Ilich, Bruce Mishell and Todd Monaghan to monitor this collaborative effort. All watched the work with something beyond fascination; it was more of a fierce hunger for connectivity, or togetherness. Dressed in t-shirts and sandals, Messieurs Mishell and Monaghan were immersed in the moment, encouraging guests to use their hands on the canvas, directing colored limbs and stained brushes as conductors of symphonic art.  I watched the work progress with fascination, and a heat not at all to do with the body count in the room surged through me.  I picked up a brush and asked Bruce to make a color for me, any color.  I then proposed orange. “Very spiritual choice,” he said, and away we went.  As I scratched the middle portion of the canvas with a long, fat brush, Bruce spoke to me about his work.  “My work is spiritually based, spontaneously created in the presence of the moment on your breath.  It allows me to leave this reality, to enter this channel and to emerge with a work of art.” This free-flow style is fascinating to ponder when considering his pieces.  “Joy,” one of the larger paintings hung on the back wall, was a self-described “happy” journey, and lines intimating physical movement were beautifully interposed on top of a colorful layer of paint.

Natalie Fasano.

Todd, on the other hand, works within the realm of “spiritual surrealism,” as Tony Solomon of the Andy Warhol foundation once put it.  “I seek the energy within paint,” he told me, bending over an aluminum plate swirled with cerulean blue.  His eyes darted from myself to his colleagues, taking direction from their rapid strokes while simultaneously waxing poetic to me; “the reason we do these collaborative shows is to bring different artists, like Bruce, to contribute unique colors, shapes and designs.  At the end, I find what existed within the energy of the night.”

Johnathan Shorr stood in the background, eyeing the art proudly while speaking animatedly with another one of his stars, Andrea Stanislov. She is due to unveil a number of installations throughout Manhattan this year, famous for her sculpture as well as multi-media work all over the world.  Sally Golan certainly came with guns blazing this evening, and I found myself further and further from the exit though I knew it was time to go.

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  1. Ok, she is not such a great actress, I give you that, but her events are really great!
    So stop criticizing her events at least!

  2. “Lisaanton”, or whoever you are…. this is not an article about English skills but about an event.
    Thank you for your elaborated and intelligent comment, but I believe my English skills are just fine.

  3. Candice, looks like you were not even there… Why do you answer MONTHS after the event? Where would this world go without criticism?
    Obviously without criticism, no improvement.
    So I can only repeat my statement, this event was a waste of time, and there is a lot of room for improvement.
    I can agree with you about the passion and pride part, but that is definitely not enough for professional work… But maybe enough for amateur work, which is exactly how Sally Golan’s organizational skills were perceived..not even talking about the producing and acting skills…
    Did you even watch the movies she acted in or produced? I did, so definitely know what I am talking about..

  4. I love Sally’s obvious passion and pride! This event was SO NOT a waste of time! I mean were you even really there? obviously not… Oh and I love how you wrote your comment like MONTHS after this event.. hahah! delayed…
    Sally Golan’s events are sure to become a thing to look out for in NYC. She is a talented producer, actor and media persona. So shhhh

  5. I was invited to this event and asked to come to support Sally Golan’s production company and projects.
    Unfortunately I thought it was a waste of time, and I wouldn’t recommend to attend events by Social Exposure.

  6. i went to this event and it was wonderful
    you can see that Sally golan has a deep and incredible creative spirit as her events really reflects that, while still being fun, young and hip
    i am a fan of sally’s social exposure events and i look forward to seeing her on the big screen

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