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Sally Golan finds her Bunny hole…

Photography by Kristina Fetkovich. Todd Monaghan

My second trip down the Gallery Bar rabbit hole occurred yesterday evening.  Unlike our heroine Alice, however, I did not know what quarry I chased. Was it a time constrained rabbit?

As a writer, I generally give myself license to make wild assumptions of my audience.  I will assume that you, dear reader, have already read and re-read my coverage of Miss Sally Golan’s last Social Exposure event at the Gallery Bar. I will also assume that you will vividly remember my description of the venue at that time, a rather discordant arrangement of art installations in which surfboards played a starring role. This evening, however, I immediately sensed a collaborative effort radiating throughout the crowd.  Interactive art studded the previously black and red space of a month ago, and a sense of beauty impressed itself upon me. I had found my quarry. This evening, I was in search of beauty. The white rabbit in the maze, Golan flitted among her guests, and more than once I heard her name called from an indiscernible point within the heaving crowd.  If anyone was to direct me on my course this evening, it was her.

Sally Golan.

‘Drink me.’ By 7pm, a Pavlovian bell must have rung throughout the East Village. A horde of people materialized from the street, each heeding the same call.  “Aperol and Lunetta Prosecco” sponsored the cocktail hour, to the apparent travail of the one bartender manning his station. The large crowd pressed upon the aged wooden barrier, entreating his attention with wide, painted eyes and the infamous over-the-bar, see-my-cleavage lean. Alex Merkin, headliner of Sally’s previous event and director of the independent film “Across the Hall,” accompanied me in this arduous task. He proved to be a wonderful companion in such a desperate moment, with the clock ticking to end cocktail hour. At around 7:59, my friend behind the bar had had enough. “Okay, who is here for a real drink?” I raised my hand. Kettle one rocks two slices of lime and an open tab later, I made my way to the center of the room.

A beautiful young woman stood upon a pedestal, her hair closely cropped to the side of her face, and she clutched a sheet against her naked body. Another woman armed with a clean paintbrush and dressed in a tight-fitting black corset and flowing skirt quickly and efficiently appraised her model’s figure.  She dipped into a well of bright green and began to paint the arm.  Then the neck. Drop the sheet. Peaches, purples, pinks, whites and silvers soon spread across the living canvas.  The artist, Chantal, had eyes only for her muse—JaelZoom, her photographer with a self-appointed nickname, showed me photos of some of her previous live pieces—stunning work.

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  1. Ok, she is not such a great actress, I give you that, but her events are really great!
    So stop criticizing her events at least!

  2. “Lisaanton”, or whoever you are…. this is not an article about English skills but about an event.
    Thank you for your elaborated and intelligent comment, but I believe my English skills are just fine.

  3. Candice, looks like you were not even there… Why do you answer MONTHS after the event? Where would this world go without criticism?
    Obviously without criticism, no improvement.
    So I can only repeat my statement, this event was a waste of time, and there is a lot of room for improvement.
    I can agree with you about the passion and pride part, but that is definitely not enough for professional work… But maybe enough for amateur work, which is exactly how Sally Golan’s organizational skills were perceived..not even talking about the producing and acting skills…
    Did you even watch the movies she acted in or produced? I did, so definitely know what I am talking about..

  4. I love Sally’s obvious passion and pride! This event was SO NOT a waste of time! I mean were you even really there? obviously not… Oh and I love how you wrote your comment like MONTHS after this event.. hahah! delayed…
    Sally Golan’s events are sure to become a thing to look out for in NYC. She is a talented producer, actor and media persona. So shhhh

  5. I was invited to this event and asked to come to support Sally Golan’s production company and projects.
    Unfortunately I thought it was a waste of time, and I wouldn’t recommend to attend events by Social Exposure.

  6. i went to this event and it was wonderful
    you can see that Sally golan has a deep and incredible creative spirit as her events really reflects that, while still being fun, young and hip
    i am a fan of sally’s social exposure events and i look forward to seeing her on the big screen

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