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Polo? What Polo…

Photography by Kelly Poston and Ricardo Garcia.

After witnessing a rare yet glorious ‘star-burst’ lightening storm Friday night, hard-core event goers flocked to the infamous horse fields of Bridgehampton. They forwent a picturesque afternoon on the beach, choosing to instead transform themselves into the ‘preppiest of all preppy people’, seersucker suits, fancy hats (some sporting feathers), and tight, yet proper sexy summer dresses; all paying tribute to the summer’s second polo match this season.

True equestrian lovers, or shall we say obsessed social flutterers, patiently waited in an endless parade of prestigious cars, perfectly detailed of course, for uncomfortable parking spots along a painful long dirty road after swiftly making the ‘round about’ off Scuttlehole Road. Even the fortunate silver Bugatti owner had his patience tested by a bored local policeman hired to laser cars as they putt -putted along at 5 m.p.h. and as innocent interns attempted to distinguish attendees worthy of having their names on the guest list. Either way there seemed to be no worries for anyone, men were graciously giving passage to beautiful ladies for a coveted entrance into this classic event sponsored by Mercedes Benz.


Polo is a beautiful sport that showcases exquisite horses, if only you could see past the overwhelming flock of people, including women whose stilettos were sadly sinking into the mud. Worthy observers that received the coveted purple plastic wristband, designating welcomed participation, did not seem to appreciate the teams of players hard at work. It appeared that anyone who entered the tents had one thing on their mind…and it wasn’t polo. Everyone was briskly greeting one another, each hopeful of meeting that special someone, without concern of catching a glimpse of the intense game being played.


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