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Keith Wright finds a new way to shock the airline industry and the southwest of America.


andersonandericaWhy causing people to fret on a plane is never a good idea…

Sometimes flying on a plane can be just damn boring business and to be sure a minor inconvenience. That of course is one theory being used to explain the interesting behavior of Keith Wright (50) who while one of 148 passengers was flying across from Charlotte to Los Angeles on a US Airways plane decided to disrobe and stay that way.

Chagrined the crew asked him to put some clothes on or at least spare his fellow passengers the awkwardness of his ‘nakedness’ but Keith would hear nothing of it.

Naked and proud and determined to stay that way the air captain was then forced to make a detour landing where Keith was left off with a new group of friends wearing sherrif’s badges.

Honestly it is summer now, and once in a while one is inclined to behave bizarrely, let’s just hope that if you decide to behave in the same vein as Keith you at least get mentioned by some meandering journalist waiting to gesticulate on the bizarre phenomenon called the ‘human condition.’

Then again, maybe US Airways, should have never started charging for the peanuts…

Nude passenger forces US Airways plane to divert

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  • nifty

    “I fell asleep and the lady fell asleep and I woke up and she was gone and I was like oh my God this guy is naked,” passenger Lynette Naude said.

  • Flying this morning… I almost did the same. Twas only the obscenely strong air conditioning that kept me at least decent.