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Jack Nicholson doesn’t care if you think he’s fat.


jack-nicholsonWhat Jack can get away with….


Out of the French Riviera come ‘fun’ photos of Jack hanging out- literally hanging out, stomach, boobs and flabby arms and all. Jack who gets to date girls three times younger than him, play with luxury toys of course doesn’t really care what you think of him and is appropriately rather pleased with his lifestyle and wishes you good luck in copying him.

The moral of the story – if you strike it rich and get enough press the world is for the taking. If on the other hand you end up as fat as Jack but are penniless and don’t date girls three times as young and hang in fancy places as Jack there’s always lots of TV and that old woman sitting next to you called your wife.

Isn’t it a shame you can’t be a celebrity as well? Probably not, but that wont stop your fascination with them…

Thar he blows: Jack ‘Whaleman’ Nicholson wallows in the waters of the French Riviera

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