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Is Debbie Rowe just a spoiled sport?


debbierowe12The things a bitter ex wife feels when her husband dies and the estate goes bye bye…

We read with intrigue that Michael Jackson’s ex wife and mother of Michael’s two children had opted not to attend her ex husband’s memorial service as to not, ahem, cause some ‘unnecessary distraction,’ and that she will ‘celebrate Michael’s memorial privately.’

This of course makes us wonder, are these just the thoughts of a woman too shackled to be put in front of the media, or perhaps the thoughts of a womanwho’s getting ready to go to war over Michaels’ estate with Michael’s family?

In any event the whole thing is over whelming and an eye sore and we kind of understand why Debbie would like to stay away, but of course, like you we were kind of hoping she’d come along and give Michael’s mother a dirty look.

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