Home Nightlife Garden of ONO- the mark of a DIVA.

Garden of ONO- the mark of a DIVA.



A quick jaunt in the garden found us face to face with two red hot women (a typical diva’s arch enemy) who we dared to wonder whether they had ever been with a gay man before.

One of them responded ‘almost,’ while the other remarked rather emphatically ‘absolutely.’

A touch in the blush, we continued our wandering and spilling (yes, we drank more than one margarita if you must know), observing chaps in tight waist coasts, peacock demeanor,  languid posture and the sweep of a sultan admiring his stable of lovers.

Lovers to be had in all forms, postures and preferred dispositions, if one were inclined. Of course when one is a diva, one is never inclined, it is the job of anyone other than yourself to be inclined. What is important is to play the object of desire and adulation to. A thing I believe we all managed to impart this lovely Sunday evening. 

Garden of ONO at the Gansevoort Hotel is habitually serenaded by our dearest friend Malik so Chic and his cohorts- the lovely ‘Josh Wood Lady Fag,’ and ‘Duanne Rogendorf.’

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Malik and Lady Fag.