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Elisabetta Canalis- trophy girlfriend of the week.



When you get to date rich guys who also happen to be celebrities.

Our deepest regards and fawning this week goes to trophy girl valedictorian Elisabetta Canalis that ‘our’ boy George Clooney managed to forage out of some hotel, bar or whatever whilst in Italy. Seen ravishing alongside George about town we are all collectively wondering how long the latest string to George’s (‘our’ boy) harem will last the spectacle.

As you may or may not know (we of course suspect you do know…) George has had quite an interesting legacy of finding anything delicious whether it may be at some gambling house, restaurant or a movie set to occupy his special interests and the fawning attention of an unrestrained paparazzi set.

A presenter on Italian TV, (of what we don’t dare wonder) this budding starlet and trophy girlfriend of the week (George coincidentally has only been with her for a week, but it already feels like 3 weeks and we know George is getting itchy…) should be happy that she is getting to know George. With bit parts in bit movies, this girl knows she’s into a good thing now that she’s found George. Or did George find her?

In any event we’re mildly curious to see how long this ‘trophy’ relationship lasts and what the two new lovebirds will be able to extract out of each other and ultimately out of you.

The good looking people that sometimes happen to serve wonderful (but maybe limited) roles in our life…


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