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Debbie Rowe sells her kids again…


used_car_lot_3How to make money selling the things you’re supposed to love.

Yummy is the first word we could think of when we read that Debbie Rowe was able to extract a cool $4m from the Jackson estate to give up complete paternal rights to her two kids with Michael.

Call it ransom money, or a final kiss for a woman who has proven that what’s really at stake at the end of the day is cold heart cash.

Well we’re impressed she’s been able to sell her kids again, well actually disgusted but then again it is a recession and Debbie unlike Michael is unlikely to be famous forever so she may as well ‘cash out’ now.

Just a thought, what would one do if they were in Debbie’s shoes? (after all this is something that goes on with abandon in the third world, not that LA is the third world yet…)

The art of selling children when the opportunity arises. No refunds allowed!

We wonder what the kids think..?