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What’s wrong with doormen today?


nightclub-doormanIt seems that doormen these days are almost forsaking those who they are meant to serve.

Let’s admit it, you’ve all wanted to be doormen even for just for a night, to feel the exhilaration of being the one who decided who got to get inside the hottest boite in town, to succor envy and scorn at the behest of the mob, for you to anoint who was worthy…

That said, the life of a doorman got very interesting this weekend past when Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos was made to wait at glam night spot ‘Lily Pond,’ over at the Hamptons. Eventually (and we do mean eventually ….) Narchos according to our sources with a bit of whining was eventually able to secure his rightful place among the glam (after all money always talks and bullshit walks –right?).

One has to wonder of course why Niarchos never turned up on the doorman’s radar (of course you and I know that would’ve been easier had Niarchos been a movie star or a top model as opposed to a scant shipping heir…). Never mind we’re sure the doorman now knows how to spot the next shipping heir, or just plain heir. Ahh, life of a doorman…

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  • djBubs

    Pure retardedness….but funny