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What is it with teachers that fall in love with school boys?


melissa_weberThey say young love is innocent, tender and so heartfelt. Well this summer the stakes just got higher.


Decorum. Is there really such a thing? On the surface one would assume that there is a line one should never cross, but just like Lolita, there wil always be the ardent love and lust of our youth and those of us who can never ever resist…

This week’s medallion for ‘I couldn’t help myself, and do you still think he likes me?’ goes to none other than Melissa Webber from Long Island Suburbia who eventually gave in to her libido and lustful fantasy of one of her students- the quaint 14 year old in her class.


Things unraveled when the student’s mother started noticing her son behaving rather strange (we bet …) and upon further inspection came to find he had received hundreds (thousdands?) of texts and phone calls from his school teacher. Extra homework you think?

Further inspection over at the school yielded some interesting here say….(after all doesn’t gossip originate from school)

Of course the fairy tale romance has now come undone for Melissa and she’s off to jail very soon.

There is a bright side to the story of course – at least the student will be of age and consent when Melissa finally does make it out of the clinker.


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  • Rastamann

    not sure— back in my day it was the other way around