Home Nightlife Tia Walker- a Girl’s night out for Save the Eggs Foundation.

Tia Walker- a Girl’s night out for Save the Eggs Foundation.

Photography by Mark Reay. Alex McCord, Tia Walker, Emma Snowden Jones

If one is in the habit of coming to benefits and the sorts of fetes that champion philanthropic causes they will undeniably find themselves beguiled, charmed and a smidgen curious as to how such things ever come together. One need look no further than wonder girl and celebrity blogger and omnipresent socialite Tia Walker as she heralded last night’s second annual ‘Save the Eggs Benefit’ at the Williams Club.

Riding up the elevator bank with fun/mad girl Emma Snowden Jones (she apparently didn’t like the way the exclamation mark looked on one of the posters and was so riled ) we knew we were in for a treat as soon as the elevator doors opened and the canapés landed in our palms and the immediate task of drinking to abandon did begin.

Jared Clark

Looking around us we noticed the usual suspects and maybe a few new ones, one is intrigued to wonder if there is a deportment school for the grooming of a sorority of posh and polished sisterhood. Whether there was, is or will ever be became mute as soon as we heard a number of guests extolling ennui in Italian. Thus we were all immediately intrigued and halfway tipsy.

Stupidity aside (mine I am always afraid…) I did pause to learn before carrying on my mischief to that Ms. Walker’s cause, it’s second year in rotation came about with the organization Fertile Hope aimed at assisting women who are not in the position to be able to afford the coverage of chemotherapy to thwart the loss of their eggs and ovaries. A sobering thought indeed…

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