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Glamour arrives at the Artseen NY Benefit. If only you were there too…

Photo by Christopher Butt.

Arriving last night to the NY Foundation for the Arts, ‘Artseen’ Benefit was like coming to a wonderful performance art piece, all the characters were in place, the gestures, cheek bones and the art that hung along the walls was a sumptuous affair that left one wanting for more. Fortunately for those who came more did turn up…

If one has ever come across artists one will immediately discern a kind of brilliance and madness at the same time that will often engender wonder as to how something provocative, evocative and irresolute can ever find you going through your trust fund in order to acquire their unique creations. Of course not all art requires one to have a trust fund, but merely a sheer appreciation for the unique, whimsy and at times diabolical. This in a nutshell could best be the words to describe the general mood last night as the art world gathered to bring sustenance and revelry to their cause.

Photo by Benjamin Pasteur. Andres Serrano and dear friend.

Hosted and organized by one of the doyens of the Art world- Bettina Prentice, saw a certain panache unfold as guests and various art world celebrities- Andres Serrano, Emma Snowden Jones and socialites hit the scene, including bad boy Kristian Laliberte, celebrity blogger- Tia Walker, dandy Adrien Field and Desperate Reality stars- Simon Van Kempen and Alex McCord.

In attendance was also the artist Todd Diciurcio who informed us that he wasn’t as famous as some of us had been informed, nevertheless his charm and wit (almost matching this author’s) left a certain collective charmed . Taking me to his piece- a monopoly board scribbled with various insignia and wit (aimed for chess, or rather whimsy we suspect) we stared for a while before we burst out in laughter.

With sauvignon blancs and vodka flowing (I stayed with the former), scrumptious canapés (they just kept coming) we were all in a silly mood as some of us donned flippant hats, anecdotes, observations (yes, good art can still be made in a recession, if not better art), and the charmed collective that a gregarious collective of fellows endeared to the art world and those wonderful artists one is inclined to go through their funds in order to sustain valor and vigor.

One of the better evenings on the art circuit in a while, …you just had to be there.

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