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A Girl’s guide to the Etiquette of Hooking up.



Ex Sex

So you and your ex go out for a drink to catch up, one thing leads to another, and you wind up in bed again. The first rule- no dredging up the past. If you both know that you’re not about to get back together, do not spend time reminiscing and getting all weepy. It’s a turn-off. The second key thing to remember is that you do not know who he’s been with since you broke up. In other words, girl you better use the condom even if it kills you.

Is he obligated to invite you to stay the night? I say yes. The fact that you used to be in a relationship should guarantee a higher level of, shall we say, customer service. That doesn’t, however, mean that it will. If he doesn’t, well, there was a reason you broke up. Right?


Cheating, in general, is never good etiquette. NEVERTHELESS, one is also obliged to examine this tawdry hookup. This applies whether you are cheating on your significant other or you are hooking up with someone else’s boyfriend.

Common sense and experience would dictate that the best possible way to cheat is with someone for whom a revelation of your elicit activities would result in mutually assured social destruction. Though this may seem counterintuitive, only in this situation can you be assured that both you and the other have proper incentive to be discreet and allow the two of you a “getting down to business” attitude. As for whether or not you and he should spend the entire night together, it’s probably better to play it safe. Get your ass home.

Though every situation has its exception, following these guidelines should ensure happy hookups with minimal awkwardness. Lastly, if you’re going to do something stupid and fall in love then you needn’t bother reading the above. Oh well, enjoy…



  1. Hooking up regardless if the person doing it is male or female is sickening. Those types of people should be placed on a registry so people who don’t want a cheater or an STD can ignore them.

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