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Nero- A hacienda for the cheek boned inclined.



As we sat and took in the mood we were quite curious to find out that the girls working here that Saturday afternoon were of course pals of monsieur’s Stovall and Campbell who just also happened to be cover models, psychology students or just good friends of the lads who felt inclined to help and join in what promises to be another installment of Saturday bacchanalia.

What’s interesting about the Meatpacking district is that it has always been au terrain for the decadent, whether as we have mentioned for the transgender, heroin set or for the beauty and cocaine set (of course we saw nothing of the sort here and were either charmed by the fact that people could actually enjoy themselves naturally or somewhat distraught that the chiseled bad boy girl set preferred to dine on their own) to when in the early days of when New York was first been inhabited it was a bastion for gang warfare.

Of course the only gang warfare these days is the gentle acknowledgement amongst the purveyors of desire and luxury that they have what it takes to get you off. Asked whether the Koch brothers across the road were miffed by monsieur’s Stovall and Campbell’s latest arrival – Stovall replied – “Not at all, it’s all friendly competition,” to which I recalled myself thinking “…how did getting people to spend their time and money suddenly become friendly?”

As we left quite pleased with the afternoon and the languid crowd who were by now undoing a couple of their collar buttons we were delighted that the city’s youth and beauty set could at last come and reclaim a new denizen, one with a modicum of actual sophistication and the aroma of long wasted afternoons with bottles of Rose (alas such preferred habits never leave us…) we were wondering to ourselves how nice it would have been to have seen at least just one ultra intoxicated transgender come up to the restaurant and have monsieur’s Stovall and Campbell triple kiss as she or he too took their rightful place in the newest installment of glamour and idle afternoons…

Nero’s Restuarant– located at 46 Gansevoort st, NYC.


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  1. These guys, Stovall and Campbell are just a bunch of model worshippers, please give us a break, they’d be nobodies in any other circumstance….

  2. Cool concept. I have been there before and the women there are tall and pretty. I felt like my friends and I were at 1 Oak during the day or something. Well done Ricky and Jacob.

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