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Gen Art Finale at the BLVD, that and a celebrity cluster.



It’s Tuesday evening, closing night of the Gen Art 7 Premiers/7 Parties Festival and I am attempting to survive the final screening and after party—which is at the downtown space BLVD.  Since I am newly single and I have a thing for directors, see: Gen Art Film Fest Party #1 – The Park becomes a ‘meet market.’, figure it’s worth a go to Finding Bliss(http://genart.org/filmfestival/newyork/2009/findingbliss-closing-night-premiere#feature).

As I make my way past the sea of girls in colorful satin tops, too much make-up and gobs of gold jewelry pushing their way into the party, I feel like I have crossed a Bridge or Tunnel to get to this party. The flashbulbs of the paparazzo blind me, and one to my left shouts to no one in particular “Is Ron Jeremy on his way?” This should be my first sign that maybe I should shimmy my way out the exit and immediately hail a cab directly home, but if I want to find my director, I must persevere.

The entertainment for the night include Crunch Fitness Strip Pole Dancers, Music by DJ Lexey (shout out to a woman DJ!) sponsored bar provided by Three Olives Vodka and Dos Equis Beer, and a raffle to the Chicago Gen Art Film Festival provided by Acura. Let’s not forget the cute little condoms being given away courtesy of Proper Attire Condoms http://www.properattirecondoms.com/ I am sensing a theme of sex here, or is that just my one track mind?


I spot Moby (presenting the Best Use of Music in a Film award) and introduce myself.

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  • Wait!!! Ron Jeremy was in town and i MISSED IT! Dang!