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Wild Thangs. A night out with Macy Gray and Ariel Palitz at Sutra.


tone_2009_sutratocatues_mar17_094I’m hoping we can shatter some of the ignorant fear associated with hip hop.”

“Why the name Sutra?”

“I wanted something exotic.  Sexy but not sleazy, spiritual but not cheesy.  Yes the bathrooms are decorated with Karma Sutra drawings but the main focus pulling all types of people together.  To thread everyone together.”

She’d definitely found success, and in her own backyard no less. With urban celebrities like Talib Kwali, Guestlove, and legends like Crazy Legs blending with wannabes, it’s what a good New York City party is all about and what this is what Sutra is all about, mixing it up, and pulling it all together.  Even the word itself means thread in Sanskrit and the common thread of everyone having a great time is predominant.

“What brought you to LA?”


“I go to see my brother every 2 or 3 months.  To get away, get some sun.  But I’m always looking for other opportunities.  I have visions of a Turquish-Russian Day Spa.  I love the idea of Detox & Retox.   And of course something with a live music venue.  We don’t really have a stage here and I wish we did.”

tone_2009_sutratocatues_mar17_027Suddenly I hear the DJ calling my name.  It seems someone has found my wallet with everything intact.  I’d say I was on a roll tonight if I hadn’t missed Macy.  The wild thing pulled a disappearing trick on me before I could look into her big yellow eyes so it’s back to mischief in wolf suits for me.

I descend to the lower level through a mosaic of mirrors, reflecting lights and delights, as the crowd above me practices their various positions of flirtatious dance.  The bass thumps, my heart jumps, and when I open my eyes I’m home, in bed, it’s morning, and I’ve no idea how I got there.  But judging from the red lipstick on my green shirt, Lady Luck may have had something to do with it.