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The English Invasion arrives at Tribeca Grand.

Photography by Mark Reay. Hannah to the left.

The English have always been known for their tea, stiff upper lip, dry wit and all things pertaining to high fashion. Wednesday night saw us pay homage to the revelry over at the Tribeca Grand as Jason Caine of ‘London’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise’ bought the crème de la crème of British design over to our shores. Settling for our margaritas we set out to mix with the dandy lot.

Wednesday night and it’s back to our usual favorite haunt – the Tribeca Grand where we had the privilege to ingest in the whim and wit of a certain clan heralding their newest and brightest stars. Careful not to drink too much (who us?) we sized up the mod squad and dared to join in their banter.


Effusing glam, spontaneity and holier than thou chic factor found us mingling in the company of a Ms. Hannah Marshall. At first rebuffed by our attempts to drink out of her glass we set out to ask her some questions.

SCV: Could you be so kind to tell us what inspires your newest collection?

HM: Armor.

SCV: As in battle armor?

HM: No, more as in insect/reptilian demeanor. I’ve always been intrigued by the body plates of insects. See…

(Leaning back to reveal her silhouette padded shoulders slashed forward).

And these here are the body plates.

(slinking on the sly to show a perfect S curve)

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