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Gen Art Film Premier Launch Party- ‘Why I’ll always be the Reluctant Paparazzo.’

Photography by Mark Reay.

From three quarters up the block you could hear the cacophony of light bulbs, cigarette butts and designer smiles merging into an orgasmic beat. Approaching the phalanx of door personnel revealed well attired burgeoning film stars, video monitors monitoring each other and the endless booze that leads to good cheer. That plus a bag of chips…

It’s a Wednesday night, and what you get depends on your tolerance, your repertoire, and desire for fame and glamour. To be sure, this Scallywag is exhausted but the nebulous forming in front of the roaming satellite is gathering traction. To the left a chiseled cheek bone, to the right an extended business card and somewhere in the middle the thousand million desires that brings all walks of life to nirvana.


Where we are is some where on West Broadway at a sprawling apparel store going by the name of 7 for all Mankind. That’s what it is says on the private guest list event for Gen Arts launch party in anticipation of their film series running from the April 1-7.  Where we really are of course is the delightfully manufactured fluff called ‘Kiss me, pose for me and maybe I’m good enough to be a star, not that I’m not one already.’

To be honest I’m completely enthralled, and got my own video camera on my heels, me and Alexandra Alexis looking fab and glamorous and pontificating on the merits of fame and celebrity. To look at Alexis, is to have one’s heart flicker, because she really is a star even if Gawker are having one over her. The film crews satisfied, well modestly satisfied, cause even a celebrity or a reluctant paparazzo (cause that’s what they call me in my nightmares) has to grab a revolving drink , we move over to the Dos Equis being parceled by the pretty boys behind the bar. Always the pretty boys, but then again you asked for fame and glamour…