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Gen Art Film Premier Launch Party- ‘Why I’ll always be the Reluctant Paparazzo.’


_mg_0617Seeking out the golden flame talent turns me onto Louisa Krause. A new face from Sundance recently honored for her performance in the movie ‘The Baby Sitter.’

SCV: Which role did you play?

LK: Why don’t you guess?

SCV: The baby sitter?

LK: You can tell?

SCV: I think everyone in the room can tell. Tell me more about some other roles you participated in?

LK: I’ve played a rabbi.

SCV: How did you get away with that?

LK: It’s all in the attitude and anyway they dressed me up real well.

SCV: What else?

LK: I was in Neil Labute’s play “Jennifer in dark dad’s house.’

SCV: Indeed.

As Alexandra departed for some much needed rest I kept my vigil up, sloshing it u with paparazzi photographers, (that means you Mark Reay), the sun bleached crowd and the drinks that kept rolling.

It really was a fine affair. You should have been there, the dj was worth it, the guests, the notched up vibe and of course all those bags of chips.

Either way, I’m still the reluctant paparazzo, and I guess that’s okay, cause it’s all just for show. Right?

Congratulations Gen Art and kudos to 7 for all Mankind.

Gen Art Film Festival.

7 for all Mankind.


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