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Tracy Reese brings uber cool and Nerdy Chic.



Coming to see Tracy Reese’s show was like coming to see two shows for the price of one. The first show included all the runway hoopla that one is forced to watch before the main fight gets on the way. As remarkably disengaging it was to watch Paris Hilton texting on her cell (before and during the show) and all the prima donnas feigning over her, Tracey’s girls were a wonderful study in sophistication, repose and bookish charm.

Even before Tracey’s girls strutted the planks, the paparazzi was in conspicuous form, snapping away, crowding, goading any TV celebrity they could possibly come across, a mating call of sorts. Bemused we watched as TV notables like Kim Kardashian, Reggie Busts, Aisha Taylor, Solange Knowles, and Veronica Webb competed with each other for validation of the most sought after prized Barbie doll. (the real ones were in the foyer mind you…)


Relieved the fiesta was over we watched in delight as Miss Reece’s girls bought validation to smart, chic, independent women- with bookish demeanor they worked the audience with low cut herring bone colored silk chamois, peach and olive toned tops and slinky pants.

Appealing to the hip young woman in charge of her life and the sassy girl about town we were enthused as Miss Reece made innovative strides in traditional women’s executive outfits and brought out degrees of sensuality, litheness and bravado (could you imagine turning up to the office in leather cut off sleeves..?).

A sleek and lithe presentation and kudos for bringing out the femme fatale in her gold sequined shimmering suit, that’s an outfit we’d love to see our girls turn up to the office one day


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