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Sally does Donald TRUMP.


What do you get when you mix black tie accoutrement, Donald Trump’s United World Bar, a young socialite who has pull (the very affable Sally Shan), and the power of Facebook connections? You might be surprised, but you actually get a pretty good show, a pity not everyone could get in…

see latest update on Sally Shan.

This past weekend,I was treated to a throw back to an era reminiscent to the one of our collective parent’s era and the bravado one had been acclimated to classic film noir’s of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with Franky Sinatra, Dean Martin and Humphrey Bogart. Elan, class, money, lots of it, Grand Marnier and in the middle of it a young debonair socialite slinking back and forth in her love seat as she watchedthe show in her mind coming very much alive in front of her.

Catching up with Sally, and nearly more …I asked her what had inspired the house party avec black tie sensibility.

Sally Shan

Sally: I’ve always thought that men who were diplomats, intellectuals, professors and of a certain ilk to be more intriguing.

SCV: Yes, I somehow relate.

Sally: And the United Nations Trump venue been so close and frequented by this sensibility I was inspired to see if me and my friends could put on an event like this.

SCV: By the looks of things you could of have put on 3 events back to back in the same evening.

Sally: You think so? I was thinking the same thing…

SCV: Now that you have asserted your social prowess where from here?

Sally: Well, there’s fashion week, and I’ve already been invited to a number of fashion shows.

SCV: Which row will I be seeing you?

Sally: A girl never talks about numbers.

SCV: Except during the divorce.

Sally: But we’ve just met…

SCV: Could you be so kind to describe to us your day job.

Sally: Model, actress, socialite.

SCV: Naturally…

Sally: Oh are we face book friends yet?

SCV: Does being a facebook friend precede a friendship or approximate it?

Sally: Ok, only if you want to…

The last time I checked Sally had 1802 friends to my measly 587 friends. Amazing that in our culture that anyone with a modicum of wit, charm, pizzazz and a facebook account can become famous and the hostess of the mostess. Marketing tool, validation tool, genuine reaching out to cyber space to meet new friends, who knows? Sally’s experiment worked, and by the looks around me it’s going to keep working.

As the Scallywag entourage set out to leave later that evening I was reminded of the Andy Warhol adage;

Fame comes to everyone for at least fifteen minutes, but then again there are some of who are destined to be famous for eternity.

It may well be that Miss Sally Shan has just begun the journey on the eternity part…




  1. That was the dumbest interview ever. She’s just a promoter people. not any celebrity even tho she’s trying really really hard. Move along, nothing here to see. Promoters are a dime a dozen in NYC , plus she’s not hot at all.

  2. WOOOAHHHHH SALLY!!! ha ha ha you have a lot of people on here really not having much of a life i see. Funny to read though. Its all good you def have more people on your side. And look at the first response! ha ha ha i wish you could slap peeps through these messages. It probably is an ex or some shit. I actually have worked with Sallly a lot since she has started promoting and she does very well. She is def an asset to the venues she chooses to work at. Wonder if any of these people have the guts and nuts to say anything to your face. If so i hope i am there!!! 🙂 You do a great job Sally Shan.

  3. Sally’s addition of over 1,800 facebook friends doesn’t necessarily mean she talks to all of them. If she’s famous and well known, then great. I’m not judging. Come out and party in NYC Sally!

  4. Well, all I can say that I have had the pleasure to meet this incredible lady in flesh & blood and I was thrilled! I had the best time in NYC.
    So all you haters eat your heart out cos this woman is hitting the big time and all you losers can stand in the line outside the clubs and freez your bollocks!!!
    Love you Sally, bring your parties to London!

  5. Congrats on the article girl!!! I am sure you deserved it. There will always be people out there to deprive you on the things you want and have, don’t let them. Those people are just upset that they can’t have the same success as you. Instead of participating they feel the need to stand out and judge unfairly.

  6. Sally, darling you know how to throw a party. You have to be the most beautiful and well dressed party promoter , I have ever met. I know when I go to one of your parties a good time is guaranteed. keep up the good work honey.

  7. i have been lucky enough to befriend sally shan. she works hard. she wants to learna nd improve. she has goals. she is friendly. she is genuine. she is not ego driven. she is respectful… if she wants to make a name for herself.. why shoudn’t she. i have attended a few of her events and she was giving it all she’s got. most people who do her job just dial it in. i wish her continued success and will do all i can to support her. p.s. to the haters. i have never heard her say anything bad about anyone. that immediately puts her a couple points up on you,

  8. I wish I was at the party. I’ve been out with Sally, not as a promoter and not as someone trying to become famous, but as a genuinely nice girl looking to have some fun. I don’t understand the intent of these negative comments. Perhaps some people should start appreciating that Sally wanted others to enjoy themselves as she often does for herself.

  9. Honestly, do you not have anything better to do with your lives than leave hateful comments in regards to a woman who has contributed enough to NY nightlife to actually be recognized? Sally Shan makes it possible for you to get into places to experience a night out with your friends, and I believe it’s up to you to have a good time.

    Sally, congratulations. When the haters speak up it shows you’re doing a good job.

  10. For one, I wish I was at the event — I’ve been out with Sally before, not as a promoter and not as someone trying to become famous but as a genuinely nice girl looking to have fun. I’m not quite sure the intent of all these negative comments. It seems to me like some people can’t appreciate the kindness in others because they can’t get over jealousy of some sort. Perhaps you should consider that she wants others to enjoy themselves as she does,

  11. by the way, the last time I went to Sally’s party, the door people were really nice and welcoming once we said Sally’s name and we were sent right up without any problems. My friend and I had a great time too.

    I didn’t have to go wait in another line on the side or wait for the person to come out to get me or stand around wondering if the person really even has a guest list like I have before with other people.

    that says a lot about Sally. The others are just a bunch of posers.

  12. by being a hater and posting, you are actually drawing attention to and emphasizing that which you are trying to discredit as being unimportant. And being so petty, you actually make yourself look bad, not the person you are hating on. So, you just took time out of your life making yourself look bad instead of something constructive. Way to go! You are winners. pat yourself on the back.

    with success comes jealousy and with jealousy comes petty bitterness. You haters make me laugh. Thank you.

  13. Sally needs & deserves REAL friends on f*n free loaders who talk behind her back – if you knew her day job- working behind the scenes in Broadway the promotes at night- if you REALLY knew her, then you would not be spreading rumors (lies) that shes a gold digging- w*ore- the woman works damn hard!
    She shouldn’t have to defend herself to jealous haters – OK, this is not a BIG magazine publication but its still, out there in the PUBLIC.

    Second, if even ONE person shows up from a fb invite then you go some INFLUENCE- a writer for the NY times wrote a short story about NOBODY, not one person showing up to an event invite off FB – people WANT to be around Sally – i have hung out with her, shes got a great vibe & kind heart so unless you met her keep your lousy comments to yourself!!!

  14. Sally ! They say ” All publicity is good publicity”
    The fact that you are being “attacked” makes you Important”

    Rock it babe !!

    n All you jealous guys out there ” Thanks for all the work “

  15. OMG Sally ! I had no idea that there are some zillion posts out there for ya !!
    Sally ! They say ” All publicity is good publicity ” The fact that you are being “Attacked” makes you important !

    Rock it !!

  16. Best not to even read the negative stuff, Sally. Have someone just read u the highlights! Bad attention may be good attention but it’s also trite. Skip the criticism circus!

    Exactly why nightlife sux in NY because people act like they are superior to others and CRITICIZE ever effort people make to self-promote and/or bring people together. I’ve have always got a good vibe from Sally and would def. check out her black tie event even tho i am lo-fi going mainly to rock ‘n roll and gay dance parties! I also LOVE her profile on FB!!! Let’s see more of her!!!

  17. I was at the event and I had a Great time. The people were super friendly, the music was invigorating (which is not an easy task to accomplish) and the door was refreshingly coordinated. Enterainment in NY is lacking these essential qualities lately. Perhaps,someone should have been taking notes so that NY is revived of the pretentious, bottling-licking-service, tiresome music scene that some like to call “fun”. This event, thanks to Sally, comprised all the qualities the social scene has been missing over the years. The jealously invoked is conspicuously obvious. -Anonymous dancer

  18. I was at the event and had a lovely time. In fact, I have yet to find such events that are well organized, well equipped and friendly all around. NY is missing these essential qualities: music, quality people and hip atomosphere. Most of the parties I have attended lack some of the most fundamental elements of a good event; what New York used to be known for. Stop bad mouthing something simply because you hadn’t thought of it first. The jealousy is conspicuously obvious! Get over it and start organizing more of these events. 🙂 -Anonymous dancer.

  19. Sally, you DA BOMB…..go on with your bad-self. I’ll go with you anywhere, anytime. C’mon, let’s go kick some ass!! These hate-mongers are just jealous. They are habitual netizen searching instigating hate-mongers who spend their wasted life criticizing.
    Shine On Sally !!!!

  20. wow…truley theres alot of haters in here…why?ow i know cuz no one can be like sally the best girl there can be …i met sally once and shes the best and an amazing person …she a person none of you haters can be…just sit back and enjoy the show sally my girl bring it on …let these haters hate all they want…they all just jealous…love ya sally my girl….muahhhh!!!!

  21. Sally was introduced to me by a mutual friend when I first moved to NYC and did not know enough people to hang out with. Since then, I have always enjoyed her venues as much as having her as a friend. Sally means more than an event organizer/ promoter to me, and on top of that, she is super sweet and fun to be with. I am glad to see her doing so well. “Truth speaks for itself”. Keep up with the good work, Sally.

  22. To all those jealous and bitter black tie party goers…please leave this beautiful girl alone. If you can’t take then some tranquilizers or pay a visit to a psychiatrist.

  23. leslie not sure if your referring to me with that. but im definitely not who you think i am brooohamm. but no i dont go to the gym and no i wouldnt like the address that i already have. got any more guesses. which josh adams you mean the rockstar asshole or the other asshole? ill narrow it down a little bit, im spanish meho.

  24. JOSH ADAMS had your retort been more clever I would have honored it with a response. Instead Ill happily give you the address to the gym as it is clear to look at you that you have never been.

  25. Bless you all for the entertainment. But cursed be your English teachers. Maybe instead of bashing people on blogs that have no actual relevance to you, you could brush up on your English and writing skills. Be ashamed.

    But in your struggle to “show the world the evils of Ms. Shan” it just makes her all the more relevant and all the more blogged. Snowball effect, so she should thank her detractors. Bravo!

  26. Sounds like it was a great success Sally! Sorry I missed it, but I will try to make the next one!

    I have known Sally for several years and regardless of the venue, location, event, cause have always had a good time and met many interesting people. Sally keep getting people together and having a good time!

  27. Hmmm… Well Sally, all I have to say is your doin pretty good! 😛

    Wish I could have been there. Wow lots of haters on here huh? Well I know the true you and love every last drop.

    Miss you baby!!!!

    Your best Vegas bud!

  28. Sally terrifies me. She’s a dangerous mix of charm, sexuality and style, and she’s bound to cause trouble wherever she goes. She’s like a lit cigarette in a dynamite factory. You can tell just by looking at the comments.

  29. Sally you are the most amazing girl i´ve ever met!!! your partys are sooo fun to come to!!! from now on you are Lady Sally!!!!

  30. hi sally
    just believe in yourslef
    people have their own opinion
    just believe n trust yourself .. you will be a big winner

  31. i cant believe she gets this much credit or even the press (a blog). she just invites people from fb. if anyone does real work its jeff and leslie. shes just a hack with decent fashion sense. she needs to throw her own party before we can truly judge her skills if any present. i would think she is cool too if i were low enough to go out just for free booze and a false sense of class. but hey isnt that what its about? but like i said stop giving her credit and realize she works for someone who “actually” puts on the event, finds the venue, staffs it, etc. she writes a title description and hits send and hopes for the best.

  32. Who The Fu*k is Sally.. Some one new to the NYC Nightlife industry???? Come on now… Sally Shan did you really have to name your Promotion/Production/Group your name??
    Can you be anymore conceited?
    Until she does Huge venues that can holds 3000+ people Venues using Sally Shan than she might get some respect.
    Her venues and parties aren’t worth my time. I Honestly think Sally has an intent not to make money like us party promotion teams, But more to get famous and find her a rich man.. Pretty Sad if you asked me..

  33. From: Diplo-Mat
    To: HAte-Mongers
    Sally is the shiznick,,,Those who mock, curse or slam her have every right to express your feelings but know that you are just exposing your small judgemental mind for all to read.

  34. Sally keep up the good work.
    Im all the way in Miami and haters still hate.

    If you guys have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all.

    By the way I am doing a Haters Celebration February 28th 2009 in Tampa.

  35. sally you shouldnt waste time with these types of things. people get jealous when they see someone making a mark…might even be a competitor…If they had any balls they wouldnt have been anonymous….All it means is your doing your thing! keep doing it! DOn’t let stupidity distract you!

  36. Sally is extremely sweet, intelligent, and most importantly, an effing awesome party thrower. I’m glad to see her getting so much publicity, and even when you bash her, that still means you’re talking about her, which is exactly what will cause her star to rise even more in the future.

  37. She really DOES think she’s some kind of gift to young socialite. More like a glorify promoter. Don’t you all think she is more of a promoter than a socialite? What socialite would give an interview that sounds like it came out of grade school? I must say that I agree with the title. Maybe it should have read “Sally Does Everyone.” I am indifference to the supporters or the haters. In my opinion, you are all in the same as you will love her today and hate the next. So do yourself a favor and simply accept this bullshit interview as what it is — simply bullshit that will never carries any substantial weight! This is not a Vogue or any of the top 5 magazine interviews. It’s a freaking BLOG PEOPLE!

  38. Sally parties rock, no need to hate on the next best promoter that is bringing you great events and great people to socialize with. Sally is doing the best she can but i guess you cant impress everyone… Hay Vanity 6 lets see if you can do a better job in promotions? Stop ragging on people that are trying to bring some sunshine to this world.

  39. Doesn’t anyone get it??!! This article has got nothing to do with Sally. Nothing what so ever. The issue isn’t if she’s a slut, gold digger, or the most nicest and fairest in the land, the issue is how in today’s culture someone can become a social figure, a celebrity just because they have access to the internet and electronic media.

    This is what is fascinating, and I say if people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan can do it, why not Sally?

    I wonder if it were would be more permissible for Sally to be doing what she’s doing if she were a Rockefeller or something.

    You have to wonder!! There I said it, now back to bashing and supporting Sally if you dare.

  40. Ive been to a couple of Sallys partys she is very nice and quite stunning, the music,the crowd, the whole place was jumping i plan on going to many more of her events….im a lover not a hater !!!

  41. All you people suck..nobody cares what you think!

    As long as Sally hits me up with free booze in the VIP section every Sat she is great!!!


  42. Sally – Im on YOUR side, this is a sweet, wonderful woman! She doesn’t deserve all this BS from people who obviously have to HIDE behind a computer screen to diss her – if yo know her, then say it to her face & STOP hating- so what who she lives with- is it better she lives with a man who treats her like a whore or her mother who is her best friend & protects her- this society is so shallow & materialistic- we all DESERVE our 15 minutes in the spot light – find your OWN spot light & stop trying to STEAL hers!
    All the best Sally xoxo Crystal.

  43. I hung out with Ms. Shan once and had a blast. It was like boarding a party train. Come along for fun and debark when you’ve had enough. Met some come people, danced and drank my fill. What more could you ask?

    Having been intimately involved with artists, musicians, dancers, etc. for over 13 yrs, I’m a bit nostalgic about NYC nightlife and it’s decline post Giuliani. So I appreciate people that try to add the spark.

    Thanks. Sally.
    see u soon.

  44. no wonder NY stinks sometimes:)))
    you know why?! because of all this rotten thinking
    shame on you, coz you cant do more then staing there on your hairy a… and coment ; worthless:))))

    keep it up baby girl, and we gonna win,because we are fighters!
    love you! xoxox

  45. WOW!!! HI HATER HI HATER!!! LOL Why do people comment like this…?? I am so happy for you and so excited to be a friend of yours Sally!!!
    YOU WILL BE ON TMZ next! lol….And furthermore…you are so nice! Love you!…..JKM

  46. Well I am not at all surprised by this article – from the fist time I met Sally she was genuine and friendly with a lovely personality. She puts allot of effort into achieving what she wants and she gets it!

    To you crazy haters – what exactly are you doing with your life? Bet nobodies interviewing you… and with the kind of mentality you have you aunt going nowhere but down….! And really you are wasting your energy as people of Sally’s calibre are not at all affected by nonsensical hate speech.

    Keep it up girl!

  47. It’s a shame that this poor girl can’t string together a simple declarative sentence (an elk is in the deer family- ILK refers to a certain group of people). She sounds like a state schooler who is compensating for the fact that she can handle herself in front of these pseudo intellectuals she seems to be attracted to. Also she’s model? Who are we kidding? That girl is a size six and looks to be about 5’5. I sincerely doubt she’s a socialite, more like a glorified event planner. Let’s face it, her interview proved to be exceptionally boring, and I’m sure that’s magnified ten times when you meet her in person.

  48. Leslie go back to the gym and train. Jeff respected? he does coke parties I mean after parties in a lesbian club and every business he “co-owned” he bankrupted.. respected?

  49. wow… when do you all have the time to write so much. it’s only a party! the door policy cant be held against sally… or the bar being understaffed… if you cant get a drink right away that means more people showed up than were expected. i suggest everyone should go to places they can get into and enjoy. give it a rest already… again… you’re talking about a party here. nyc has more than enough parties every night for everybody to have fun. find the RIGHT PARTY FOR YOU!

  50. Wow alot of bad things to say about people that were hired to run a party in TRUMP TOWER. For all the haters out there you are only BLOWING up Sally’s name . Keep talking she is only getting more press out of it and is thank full that there are people out there that have no life but to write bad stuff about her on a website. And for the idiot that wrote “Jeff Krauss exploits people and is poor ” . Where have you been for the last decade hiding under a rock? The guy is one of the most respected People in Night life.

  51. Too many people followed Hitler. Does NOT mean that they were right by any standard.

    Honestly people,
    Live and let live. Get over it.

  52. Commenting on the “Black Tie” event from last Friday…
    My Boyfriend, friend and I all dressed up (in black-tie dress standards) and were let in with no problem.
    We did arrive early, so it made things much easier to get it. However, once inside, it was somewhat of a mess. The venue was not properly staffed to the amount of people that were there which made the wait at the bar, coat check a hassle. Not to mention, there were only TWO bathrooms with a wait of 15 minutes (maybe).
    Then there was the dress code. There were a good amount of people who were very underdressed (1 guy was in a suit that did not fit him, his tux shirt looked soiled and his bow tie was so not neat) , which made the party (for myself) not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. It could have been a much better success if the dress code was as strict as it said it was going to be and if they had more staff on duty.

    Only thing I Recommend is to enforce the dress code better, equip the staff and it can work.

  53. You know with this crazy shark feeding frenzy on Sally Shan the caliber of blogging went all the way down to level of a high school bathroom. But, I tell you she looks the part of a dragon lady to the tea with a dead ringer look of a 70’s kung fu movie prostitute…

    Too many people cannot be wrong…

    I can see THRU her fabricated facade but all the same philosophically I am inclined to support of her..she has a right to blaze her own road in life on her OWN terms as much a same right that hyennas, vulchers and bottom creatures have to be here…


  54. ***** this is from a person who knows sally personally*****

    i would like for you people to listen.

    we were all placed on this planet for a reason, some of us understand their place in life some of us don’t.

    you can say sally is a promoter, a p.r. person, a model etc…. it doesn’t really matter.

    once you get to know sally, and trust me on this – u do not need to spend allot of time with her in order to understand her true value.

    to the person who stands on side, looking down on her, she seems like “another one of those…”

    if i hadn’t known her i wouldn’t even bother.

    but it hearts.

    she is something else.

    if any of you doubt it i urge you to try and get to know her, she might have been someone else in her past, but i know her today!!!!

    she would sit down and talk to anyone who would introduce himself properly…

    i know i did, and i got to know an amazing person.

    sally as i already told you – you are an amazing person!!! love u hon, you are something else!!!!

  55. What the hell is wrong with so many haters filled with jealousy? Just accept that Sally has done a better job than you and may have a more fabulous life than you. It’s Social Darwinism – the fittest / most adaptable survives. And NY is exactly the type of place that spits on your face and reminds you every day that there are a lot of people here smarter, richer, more popular, more beautiful than you, and you may not be all that special. What you need to do is do your best, and find happiness/love with what you have, and not hate those who have worked their asses off to get to where they are, whether they work in finance, promotion, modeling, etc.

    I hung out with Sally a couple of times, and found her to be an incredibly sweet, fun-loving and fabulous girl, and I would absolutely love to hang out with her again, if I can ever get out of work that is (I work in a 80+hour/wk desk job). I can tell that Sally has worked her ass off to get the publicity she has gotten, and I applaud her for that. There are definitely things I would like to learn from her.

    Sally – please don’t listen to these stupid jealous people. You are so amazing! Keep it up.

  56. hmmm funny how some people think they are models or socialites, just because a friend takes professional pictures of them in their apt…. some one needs to learn to be humble, hatting doesn’t make yo famous by the way and stop self-proclamating yourself as things your not

    . … that event looked like a office after work party

  57. hmmm funny how some people think they are models or socialites, just because a friend takes professional pictures of them in their apt…. some one needs to learn to be humble, hatting doesn’t make yo famous by the way and stop self-proclamating yourself as things your not

    . … that event looked like a office after work party

  58. Stop the hating… she knows what to do and thats why she made it… one big kiss from Venezuela to Sally Shan…. Carlos (your admirer and future husband hahaa)

  59. what do you guys want from her???? she put together a great party. you are ALL JEALOUS of her. Shame on you. get a life!

  60. shes just a promoter who works for another promoter who works for another promoter. its all very sad so take pity on that poor futon who apparently lives with her mother and pre menopausal.

  61. one thing right on these postings so far, jeff krauss is in fact poor so he will exploit anyone and everything so in essence i guess they are made for each other by the sounds of it i dont know sally i def kno jeff what a douche

  62. Truth be told kids: kids, elegance, depth, sincerity, panache, style… none of these apply to the club scene. That’s kind of why it is what it is and that’s is what it is expected to be, nothing more. It’s limitations are obvious and apparent and it serves its purpose, entertainment.

    Based on the breadth and depth of the arguments thus heard, the detracting posters don’t even have the qualities that they claim Ms. Shan lacks. Pot calling the kettle black. The only difference is the article is written about Ms. Shan and not these detractors.

    Your tone of superiority and condescension is entirely unfounded from what you have written so far. You ask her to validate herself, I dare you to validate your authority on judging HER. Who are YOU to dictate class or someone’s business?

    When backed in a corner, the base animal attacks, and attacks low. The evolved person rises above the fray. Thank you for providing the proof that if in your opinion, Ms. Shan is not as worthy as she seems, then you have just defined the lowest limits of taste yourself, simply by taking the lowest road.

    It is all so amusing, again I truly thank you “anonymous” (and their many incarnations) and to Ms. Rodriguez! You made my day people, thanks!


  63. As President of a Talent-Production-Promotion Company I can only express that Sally’s concept is a great idea of bringing people together who are well respected networking in a class atmosphere,as well as her being the women that she is who does everything with style, class,and perfection, should be highly accepted by all,with nothing bad to say ,,and allow her to set this in motion for the future as well

    Your company is a joke, so are you. Your website is a myspace link. WOW! Get help soon. Maybe Sally is a step up now that I think about it. wahahaa

  64. You’re all missing the point. Sally, Shmally, it doesn’t matter. What’s vulgar isn’t about Sally in particular it’s people like her who are so hung up about being famous and ‘synthetic celebrities.’

    Maybe it’s your mama who didn’t love ya…?

    Leave anonymous alone!

  65. this anonymous person should be shot!!!!! what kind of fool will say those stupid things about Sally, i think the one that has to grow up is you kid i think your parents didnt smack enough when you where young loser!!! Dont worry sally live it and conquer your dreams and dont listen to losers like that. see you soon, i am loving miami we have to start doing things over here too when i move, see you soon mami.

  66. Ah.., the growing pains and trials of self invention… There was a time in high school that Elvis was notoriously henpecked and heckled for overt weirdness, social ineptness and a bad stutter to boot. And then he went off to drive a truck. And then he just plain went OFF! Our desire for fame and popularity is a biological drive programmed into our psyche as a futile and temporary (most potent during youth)act of defiance against loss of beauty and ultimately death. You may have a good run but, ultimately you too will be forgotten… So far no one has prevailed…not even the best embalmed Pharohs. Let’s recognize a good bit of Sally inside each of us. What are Sally’s ultimate motives? Best left to be shown by Sally despite others who somewhat seem to know.. Perhaps she’s out to manufacture a fabulous persona and rake in a FEW MILL so as to afford the best of modern day embalmers on Madison Ave. and then forever be immortalized? How about Madamme Tussaud’s? Such is the game many are in, no? But, for the moment Sally, you’re overshooting your star power and cheaply fabricated, unpolished lustre with obvious lack of intellectual clout and world panache as so well illustrated by your remarks of what you think is ‘classy’. Thus for now, by star quality standards, you may be a ‘product’ Made in China and best suited for the world class shelves of Walmart but hey, come tomorrow…and there’s lots of tomorrows… there may be Paris, maybe Milan, and even Monaco. You go girl. I said so!

  67. As President of a Talent-Production-Promotion Company I can only express that Sally’s concept is a great idea of bringing people together who are well respected networking in a class atmosphere,as well as her being the women that she is who does everything with style, class,and perfection, should be highly accepted by all,with nothing bad to say ,,and allow her to set this in motion for the future as well

  68. I don’t care what anyone says. I think Sally is a manipulating self conceited social climber who is using her friends to get in the fake jet set world. Like I said, let’s see what row she gets to sit at during fashion week….

  69. Great article Sally …

    and for all you HATERS I know Sally Shan personnaly and all I have to say is that she is one person that “YOU IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE WILL NEVER BE”
    So relax , kick back and enjoy cause there is still more to come from Sally Shan.

  70. I take my previous statement back. Two lone nuts.

    It’s like someone telling the world that pop stars have limited vocal ranges. WHAT?! Dear Lord you mean they can’t sing opera?! Next you’ll tell me women augment themselves unnaturally, or die their hair color!? Thanks oh kind posters of enlightenment.

    The nightlife is about image and frankly fantasy. Many of us work in high stress jobs and live difficult lives. We live in a fake society, and pretend our companies we work so hard for will give a damn about us. It’s all a ruse. And for the success of a party you need the smoke and mirrors to get in, to get around, to enjoy.

    You are not speaking to a crowd of lost senior citizens sending Sally all our savings. She’s not Bernie Madoff! We go out and she organizes it. She did a good job, and we appreciate her vibe, humor, and entertaining nature. End of story. How well does anyone know anyone these days? I don’t think loud clubs and parties are the place to get to “know” people. Maybe I would be all for your advice if I was part of a bingo group.
    All I need to know about Ms. Shan is that she is fun, does her job to get people out, and brings out great looking, interesting, fun people. She did. She’s good. End of story.


  71. Truth be known is that the people flock in droves to Sally because she adds a real vibration and the style to to the New York Scene that brings people to life. If you aren’t a part of the S train then you aren’t riding anyhere!

  72. Wow, this is rather hilarious. Your defending someone who is a fake. so I guess your pretty fake yourselves. It says in her interview she is a model, actress, and socialite. She is none of those things. Where’s her imdb profile? Where else has she gotten press? Respectable blog? Is that what this is? And so funny you would attack someone else and then shun them for doing the same. Hypocrites and ignorance is bliss among these people. Does she ever smile? I don’t know this person very well but I have enough contacts to know she’s no one. One question to all, “How long have you known her, and do you think you really know her?” Even on her facebook profile section about me it says:

    “Multifaceted, in touch w/ both reality & fantasy (mostly fantasy).

    The less you know the better… and when you think you know me… you really don’t!”

    What I’ve found out is, none of you really know that person. And I doubt anyone ever will. And lastly, jealousy is way off base. I am not jealous what so ever, I am happy someone finally got something worth while going on and some spot light into who she really is. Not a socialite, model, or actress. Enjoy your 15 minutes of respectable blog fame but remember your still a nothing and you have a long way to go hun. One person who I asked about Sally commented, “The most self absorbed person on this planet.” That’s all I have to say and ever will. My fellow ladies, don’t sell yourself short like this one, your better than that.

  73. By all means “anonymous” keep going. It’s like watching Britney Spears in action. Each post gets more pathetic than the last.

    Move over Ms. Shan, STUPID… coming through!

  74. “Grow up”… Wow. Wise words from one poster who is literally follwing this thread to put down the main person in it. No one is salivating over Ms. Shan, but reporting. She did a good job. Kudos!

    Clearly, there is one lone nut in here who is posting anonymously to discredit her and adds no actual value besides personal attacks without substance…?

    I hope it cheers you up and brightens your sad, pathetic day of feeding your cats and playing X-Box.

    I think perhaps you may want to turn the mirror on yourself and realize that your sad little one line jabs are kind of weak, unsupported and actually making you look quite foolish…


  75. remember …in entertainment, jealous people talking is what makes you a star…if everyone speaks well of u,,u are doing something wrong

  76. Nobody’s asking you to salivate sweetie. Or even read this article as a matter of fact. Or post 50 times.

    The salivating happens all on your own.

  77. I have one word of psycho-analysis for you haters:

    Firstly, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all all. This is NOT about YOU.

    Secondly, I bet the majority of you have Sally on your facebook list, and therefore check out every major event she plans. She is successful at her job, yes? So please, don’t be hypocrites.

    Get over this negative energy, its rather pathetic. The party was fabulous, it got an interview with a hot, prestigious blog.

    What did you do on your friday night? And more importantly, which media wanted to know more about you?

    Case in point.

  78. The haters are more intrigued than anyone else…Take hopward Stern, whose haters tune in more just to see what he’s gonna say next!

  79. Anonymous: Then you might want to discontinue living here (if you do). And for that matter, you might want to cease and desist posting about NY events and party promoters for that matter.

    Not considered good form to enter a forum where you add nothing of value but your unwarranted and unsubstantiated dislike of the topic…

  80. I don’t get why your hating on her like that. She’s the nicest person! she does these events for people to have fun and you guys are hating(probably because your looks didn’t get you pass the door) It’s ridiculous

  81. I don’t get it? Why is Sally so hung up about becoming famous? Then again why is everyone for that matter also hung about the same thing…? I can’t stand New York people!

  82. I attended this party and it seems to me that there is some sort of premium on being young, distant from your family and being ignorant. Well to the posters who prize them as they state above, I bet you are posterchildren. Congratualtions on being vapid, you’ll get far.

    Crowd mix was interesting but better than most. Venue was crowded and a bit over burdened, but effective and in total if you were unattractive or had few friends there you may not have had a good time. These promoters basically bring you out and are judged on their base of contacts. From what I saw this Sally did well, considering. Having fun is up to the invitee…

  83. I thought the party was a lot of fun…and yes, the venue wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be…but the people make the party right? It was a good crowd! Laid back, fun, and friendly! I only briefly met Sally, but she was super nice when I did so its rather pathetic that people feel the need to put her down just because they don’t feel great about themselves…come now…this is kindergarten logic.

  84. Sally is an impostor. Yeah right fashion week….Let’s see how many rows back this wanna be socialite sits back…assuming she even gets in.

  85. My group arrived in black-tie, and mentioned Sally Shan at the door. We were literally rolled right in with the crowd outside and the doorstaff was severe that night. The venue was fun, but not yet perfected, granted. Sally was absolutely on top of the details and was comepletely charming. Maybe the other posters had a chip on their shoulders? Great crowd from Sally; sexy, fun, young and top notch.

    Yet even with a tough door, maybe a few rotten apples got in before the rush? Sorry to hear they also know how to post… 🙁

  86. I’m with Jake on that.. Call the organizer Jeff Krauss 6466234925. And watch out for that shan girl i hear shes a lot of trouble if you get involved with her.

  87. That venue is crap. Black tie?..right. People were wearing tuxes, suits & gowns, while others were wearing jeans & sweaters. Great combo…a real classy mix.

    First, you could not get a drink @ the bar since the venue was understaffed. The sound was a mess, 2 portable speakers for the entire venue? You had to be on top of the DJ to even hear any music. The first or second DJ couldnt even mix!

    Sorry but the Trump World Bar party by this group was probably the worst party I have ever attended. Not even worth the effort of getting dressed up. I’d rather shoot myself.

  88. “Don’t you know hatin’ just makes me more popular”, LOL… “Marketing 101″… and no, I’m not 30 yet, lol.. and there’s nothing wrong with beautiful women in their 30’s.

  89. WOW!!!!!!!!! great interview Sally, congards… it looks like u had so much fun, im deff comin next time .. and oh… dont mind the hatres… they’ll be always hating cuz they want what they cant have… so lame… WELL congrads one more time and btw, u look awesome, i love ur dress! xoxo

  90. I just wanted to say a quick something about the first anonymous post.

    1. Its clear that this person did not attend the party and therefore out of place posting.

    2. Clearly its a personal attach that only shoes your immaturity and failure in life and probably relationships too. (likely your an ex)

    3. You could not be more wrong about Sally. She is TONS of fun, a great person, not to mention trying to do something really cool here by inviting people out just because she can. She creates the fun for the rest of us to enjoy on her free time.

  91. I would be personally embarrassed to live with my parents at 30. That’s so funny, a socialite? wahaha. Facebook and a dress, that’s a lot of accomplishments. Marketing 101.. you don’t have a clue about marketing. I know real celebrities and socialites.. get a clue your playing childrens games.

  92. She is a gold digging whore… She deserves nothing, everything she knows about the nightlife industry she has stolen from others including their mailing lists. All she is in it for is men with money and that’s what she’s all about. She still lives @ home with her mother @ 30!!! The headline should be, you have money sally shan is your woman. And that’s not even her real name.

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