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Dandyism with a Vintage Flair.

Sameeh Alderazi.
Caitlin and 'Johnny Blue Eyes.'

What’s in a look? How does one buy a look? A weekend at Clinton Hill vintage markets.

A recent weekend had this ‘scallywag’ succumbing to the charms of eclectic individuality and languid dispositions at the relatively new Brooklyn flea markets in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. With a regression of sentiment and the joie de vivre that…..
once used to flourish in Manhattan it has become recent common practice for the ‘Manhattanite’ to now come to Brooklyn to finesse their spirit of decadence and ironic sensibilities.
Informed by the languorous musings of various shoppers and shopkeepers I set out to find the inspirations that one can come across a whimsical afternoon of acquiring vintage fashion, the bell weather of any awe inspiring flea market.

Observing the young Caitlin rummaging through vintage dresses and her ardent desire to affect cool detachment, élan and a Parisian spring countenance I was informed what charmed her most about vintage fashion was the degree of individuality and uniqueness inherent in the fine threads.“It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s elegant, unique, and of course so divine.”

Her compatriot ‘Johnny Blue Eyes,’ who hails from London, affectionately reiterated these sentime

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