Drug dealer? Kevin McEnroe, John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neal’s son busted for cocaine possession


The media world has been sent into a frenzy with the news of Kevin McEnroe, 27,  John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neal‘s son late Tuesday evening arrest on cocaine possession charges. With many wondering how the offspring of a well to do famous couple could possibly haven gotten themselves in such degrees of disarray? At the […]

Nigella Lawson banned from the US. Cocaine admission. Career in doubt.


Nigella Lawson faces possible career catastrophe after being turned back from entering the United States after an earlier admission that she had used cocaine on several occasions. As a result of not being allowed to board a flight from London’s Heathrow to Los Angeles this past Sunday morning, speculation has mounted that the celebrity chef’s […]

Daniel Ramirez, Amtrak passenger busted with a kilo of coke inside fake leg cast.


  At least Daniel Ramirez got points for originality but a D minus for results. This after the Amtrak passenger came to be arrested on Tuesday with a kilo of coke after authorities came across his very strange and noticeably fake leg cast. At the time, Daniel Ramirez, 21, of California, was on a 41 hour […]

Annadel Cruz: Charges dropped after soap is confused for cocaine.


Annadel Cruz and her companion Alexander Bernstein have been released from jail after having been arrested for the trafficking of cocaine. Except the cocaine has now turned out to be soap instead, this despite the pair having been incarcerated for over a month. The incident came to pass on November 13 on Interstate 78 in […]

Former UK drug tsar, David Nutt insists cocaine caused the financial meltdown.


Stirring debate this afternoon is the assertion courtesy of the UK’s former drug tsar, Professor David Nutt that our enduring financial crises was the result of all them bankers imbibing on cocaine. Told the controversial academic to the Sunday Times: “Bankers use cocaine and got us into this terrible mess,” he told the paper adding […]

Cocaine bust nabs two women wearing padded diapers at JFK.

Padded cocaine diaper

Not so clever recipes to smuggle the good shit… Did they really think no one would notice? Two females have been apprehended after authorities at JFK came upon the interesting visage of them strutting the plans with protruding derrieres. dailymail.co.uk: Returning to New York’s JFK on a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic, Priscilla Pena […]

Why cocaine costs up to seven times more in Australia than the US.

Australia cocaine cash.

In the mood to get over to Australia for some fun, drugs, sex and rock n’ roll? Then you better come with a fat wallet…. As Australia has seen its economy relatively untouched from the financial hubris affecting the US and the rest of the world demand for certain illicits it seems has remained rather […]

Millionaire whose nose collapsed after years of cocaine addiction gets jail.

James Brown.

Forty five year old James Brown after making a fortune in the property market just couldn’t put away the good shit when he retired at the ripe age of 36… A wealthy UK property developer has been sentenced to 5 years jail after after a haul worth 177 000 pound was discovered hidden in his […]

Brazilians are now snorting more cocaine, but Americans still snort most in the world.

Snorting the good shit, cocaine...

While American’s may lead the world in the greatest use of cocaine, it’s what’s happening in the country with the second most highest use of cocaine that’s concerning researchers. quartz: Brazil’s growing middle class has poured money into the trappings of wealth and recreation: flat-screen TVs, get-away vacations, and, now, lots of cocaine. The country […]

Bath salts said to leave you up to ten times more whacked than cocaine…

Bath salts.

The real good shit might no longer be cocaine but bath saltsassuming your ass can tolerate the heightened paranoia, harder calm down and the potential for rashes and body ailments which comes with ingesting the really good shit… timesofindia: Scientists have discovered the shocking strength of a key ingredient in lethal bath salts that leaves […]

$1.25 million worth of cocaine ironically washes up on Cape Canaveral military beach


Thank god it didn’t end up on the streets! The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station stumbled upon a great photo-op and victory for the War On Drugs yesterday: twenty-five package of cocaine, 1-kilo bricks, washed ashore; some “good Samaritan” at the base reported it, and Brevard County Sheriff’s Office confiscated the drugs.  They have no […]