Video of Chinese Communist official Yan Linkun meltdown with sound.

 Chinese Communist official, Yan Linkun

Chinese Communist official, Yan Linkun is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Video: High ranking Chinese official misses flight goes berserk on boarding desk.

Kids grab yourself a bag of the good shit, tissue paper for the tears and begin to slowly weep as your resident Chinese Communist official, Yan Linkun, puts on a show that will truly impress your savory ass.

Unlike previous postings which showed the diva going hog wild on unsuspecting boarding agents as he went awol, this post now has sound. Lots and lots of sound. As I would say to myself as I sat along Boulevard St Germain in my formative years, ‘Oui garçon.’ Which is French for another bottle of the beaujolais will go down very well.

Pay attention to the onlookers as they casually watch the fracas as if this was all part of airport entertainment.

Language Log provides a rough translation of Yan’s rant:

“I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. What do you mean, huh?! What do you mean, huh?! I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. You’re really bullying me…. And not just once?! You’re really taking advantage of me. Hai! Hurry up and open the door!… Hai, how can you be like this? Really browbeating me!… First class….”

And then there’s observation via dlisted: Everybody take note: If you’re going to lose your mind at an airport gate, do it in China. Because if you do it in the US, they will taser your ass, hog tie you, interrogate you for hours and make you apologize to that stapler. Then they’d punish you forever by seating you in front of a boot-wearing kid with Restless Leg Syndrome every time you got on a plane.

What do you think kids, shouldn’t you all be moving to China where you can exercise your official autonomy to go ape shit because your royal pampered self didn’t get it right the second time round?

If only you get away with this good shit too. Yes waiter another bottle of the good shit immediately…and don’t bully me!