Lindsay Lohan and Dina party in London non stop. Glazed eyes.


Dina and Lindsay Lohan.

Dina and Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan got paid $100 000 to party on New Year’s eve in London.

Party all the time. Lindsay Lohan is being destroyed by Dina says father Michael.

Oh really?! Lindsay Lohan will stay home for New Year’s eve.

I will have a very good time even if it kills me. Indeed…

Kids no need to fear, our collective hero Lilo and her sidekick hanger on, mother Dina are not about to anytime relinquish their role as eyesore for a weary human race as they set about according to reports partying new year’s eve away in London.

Despite desperate assurances that life was going to be spent contained and in the comfort of her boudoir shuffling empty plastic baggies from one hand to another our hero Lilo relented and had herself a good bash.

Reports radaronline: Lindsay and Dina Lohan LOVE to party together and they got their New Year’s celebration started early when they hit up C London restaurant Sunday night.

The mother-daughter duo had glazed eyes when they left the trendy restaurant. Dina stumbled and had to have help staying on her feet.

Stumble because the pavements in London have too many potholes, stumble because that’s what happens when you’re giddy, stumble because that good shit is roaring through the back of your throat and the inside of your nostrils and bulletting out with every Marlboro light puff you take? But what do I know about the good shit?

At one point, Lindsay looked strangely out of it while talking to a female friend during the dinner. And later, when leaving the restaurant, the actress looked at the camera with an vacant expression and her long red hair disheveled.

Vacant. Dishevelled. Lilo? Not on a dime. Unless of course…?

As previously reported, Lindsay continued to display a haggard look on Monday, New Year’s Eve, as she was photographed entering the Dorchester hotel in London.