Extreme Cougar Wives: How Hattie the 76 year old cougar manages to seduce 18 year old men.

Extreme Cougar Wives, 76 year old Hattie.

Extreme Cougar Wives, 76 year old Hattie.

And this is what took place on your tv set last night. Via TLC’s  Extreme Cougar Wives

If 76 year old Hattie sees a young man that turns her on she puts on her “I’m a demure 22 year old wannabe girl prancing in her make believe slinky bikini to catch your attention” act. Which is short hand for any man boy out there who so happens to pass by Hattie and awaken her sensitive man boy smelling nostrils she’ll be at your dinner table with a bottle of lube, a sexy contraption to use on you later, and the best pick up line you ever thought possible…

And when Hattie tells you she likes them bixches young you better listen. Her starting rate is 18 years old, but as long as you show Hattie your ability to home in and give her ‘I love you sexy’ eyes Hattie might get up from the dinner table and surprise you with a steamy wet kiss and the aroma of her nimble loins.

But then again Hattie has lived through it all and at 76 there’s nothing that surprises her anymore, which is Hattie’s short hand way of saying she’s going to teach you a few tricks tonight. The operative word of course being trick.

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  • Holly

    Then there is the matter of the canned air that must be used to blow out the cobwebs.

  • lol jk

    oh god I want her dusty crevice, I want her bones to creak more than the bed, I want that sand paper touch. Every mans deepest desire for sure.