Ryan Lochte makes a talentless hawt bixch cameo on 90210. Nevermind he’s got perky nipples…

Ryan Lochte is a preferred hawt bixch too...

He may have been gold medals at the Olympics, but Ryan Lochte is now on to his next endeavor. Winning Emmy awards as a class  A D actor that will leave you the viewer riveted and wincing in disbelief. Wincing cause his acting chops are so bad that you want to run over and kiss Paris Hilton on the lips and tell her how good at that shit she really is. Then again, who really cares if you have any real talent when you have a cute goofy smile, the presence of a rock and the marketability of your favorite corporate campaign. Bixch has also got nice perky nipples (which pretty much amounted to all the acting Ryan did, taking his shirt on and off in repetitive motion, but did you really expect more?)

The hardest part about being an A grade acting machine, according to Ryan Lochte?:

“Memorizing lines… and… trying to like, say ‘em, and still, like, do movement and all that. That was hard.”

That said, cast your eyes on the video below as Ryan explains to the flustered Access Hollywood reporter (she wants to bang that bixch so bad but Ryan’s eyes are telling her only if it comes with lots of money and a chance of now appearing on the Bachelor.). Who needs a swimming career when you have the chance to become a non charismatic pin up boy for premium dollar?

Sorry but Ryan Lochte can not sell women’s fashion. Vogue cover worst seller all year.

Ryan Lochte would like to explain why his mother doesn’t understanding how he goes about his ‘one night stands.’

Fashion photos of Ryan Lochte. Stylish hawt bixch if we dare say so.