Victoria Beckham wasn’t particularly impressed by the Wimbledon tennis thank you very much!

David and Victoria Beckham attend Wimbledon. Victoria trying to feign interest fails miserably

Oh dear it seems Victoria Beckhammay have found herself in a spot of bother this evening as it’s been reported that she didn’t necessarily behave like a very good sport in her much coveted (gratis) royal box seat. In fact according to witnesses and the camera man Ms Beckham seemed to have found the commotion between Andy Murray and Roger Federer somewhat dull and not particularly to her liking as she spent a great portion of her time instead playing with her cell phone, texting, relentlessly fidgeting and even taking extended trips away from the action only to return with a frowned expression as she desperately tried to feign interest.

Of course the above strikes us as beguiling given the fact that as the wife of one of the most popular footballers in the world (David Beckham did try to prod his wife’s attention various times but to no avail as he looked on captivated)  one would suppose by now she would have learned proper on field etiquette. But at least to Victoria’s credit we can report that her hair was impeccably blow dried. Never mind Victoria, we reckon you might get the hang of it by next year, assuming an invitation still comes your way.

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Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton star at Wimbledon Final as they cheer Andy Murray.

Victoria wearing her own Victoria Beckham sunglasses which retail at a mere 300 pounds.

What's so funny David? Victoria doesn't seem to be amused at all!

Please David! You must say something to Victoria. She's lost complete interest.

Oh dear Victoria! At least your hair looks nice!

Well hello! At least someone got to pay attention to the game from the royal box!

Oh dear! Game, set and match. At least Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa were into the game....