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5 Reasons to Publish Your Photos in a Hardcover Book

5 Reasons to Turn Your Photos into a Hardcover PhotoBook
5 Reasons to Turn Your Photos into a Hardcover Book
5 Reasons to Turn Your Photos into a Hardcover PhotoBook
5 Reasons to Turn Your Photos into a Hardcover PhotoBook

5 Reasons to Turn Your Photos into a Hardcover PhotoBook: Innovative ways of treasuring memories and photos as gift ideas

Are you an established or aspiring photographer? Or maybe you just like taking photos for fun? If so, it might be worth your time to publish your photos in a hardcover book.

   1. People love photobooks 

If you have photos you’d like to share with others, get them published in a book and give them to loved ones as gifts. Photobooks are popular, probably because humans are predominantly visual and are especially drawn to aesthetically-pleasing things. People love looking at beautiful photos, whether it’s shots of nature, animals, or random objects and scenery.

It also takes less conscious effort and energy to flip through a photobook than it does to read a novel, which makes photobooks a universally-loved gift. Not everyone has the time or energy to read a book from start to finish, but if your photos are interesting enough, they’ll flip through all the way to the end.

   2. Photobooks make beautiful coffee table décor

Coffee tables aren’t just for coffee – they’re also the perfect spot to put large, heavy, hardback books. In fact, most books people keep on their coffee tables are photobooks. 

There are many beloved coffee table books published by famous (and not-so-famous) photographers. Some books contain professional portraits of famous people, while others are full of black-and-white photos, full-color landscapes, interesting people, and images from the past.

Street photography is also exceptionally popular, so if you enjoy taking photos in public places, you might be surprised to know there’s a large market. Not everyone wants to see the same kind of photos that every other photographer is publishing. Likewise, while treated photos and composites can look amazing, sometimes it’s refreshing to see raw photos that have only been lightly edited for things like exposure, contrast, and color correction.

   3. You can sell your book online

Books make great gifts but they also sell like hotcakes when you’ve got something good. You can sell copies of your book online through your own website or by using an online store through a platform like Shopify.

Although it does take effort to build a proper website and launch a new book, it’s worth the time. Once you get your content up and start marketing through paid ads, you’ll generate more traffic and sales.

When you sell your book on your website, you can collect email addresses and either market other, relevant products to your list or share your insights and experiences if you’re not interested in generating more sales.

Be sure to collect emails, even if you don’t plan on future offerings. Having a captive audience will make marketing a breeze if you decide to publish any additional books. Once you find success with your first book, you might decide to publish more.

   4. Photobooks will hold your memories

If you have a bunch of meaningful photos, why not turn them into a book? It’s a good way to preserve your most cherished memories for many years to come, and your photobook can even be passed down to your children and grandchildren. 

Get creative with your layout. Instead of just putting some photos on each page, add meaningful text that describes your images and include meaningful quotes, passages, and even poetry as long as you have the reproduction rights. The best content to put in your book of memories is poetry and prose you or your loved ones have created; that way, it will be more meaningful.

   5. Hardcover books last longer than paperbacks

There are two main reasons to choose a hardcover book over paperback: they’re more durable and come in larger formats. Most photobooks are quite large, and that’s what you need to display your photos in a decent size. Small paperback books just won’t cut it for imagery. 

Hardback books are also better for photos because they last longer, thanks to the durability of the cover. You can get a dust jacket made to create a beautiful, full-color glossy cover while maintaining the durability. 

The best part is that with a quality online printer, you don’t have to order in large quantities. Most printers today will allow you to print just one copy at a time if that’s all you want to purchase.

It’s time to turn your favorite photos into a book

If you’ve been thinking about publishing your photos, consider putting them in a hardcover photobook, whether it’s your dream to publish your photography, or you just need a meaningful gift.