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My Favorite Gift Guide for Those Who Say They Have Everything They Need

Perfect Gift Guide
Perfect Gift Guide:
Favorite Gift Guide
Favorite Gift Guide: Pictured Bath Bombs.

My Favorite Gift Guide for Those Who Say They Have Everything They Need: A thoughtful and nuanced collection of gift ideas that says more about the person being gifted. 

Everybody has that friend that claims they don’t need anything for their birthday. Money is so impersonal, and gift cards are just average, so you’ll be stumped if you’re looking for something great to give.   

Since they apparently have it all, you have to get really crafty when thinking up a gift idea. You want it to be something they truly do need that they don’t even realize they’re missing! For example a custom Visa egift card with a thoughtful image and note added is very creative.

It can be difficult to think of something unique enough to impress a friend so stubborn. Don’t just settle for money in a card when there are so many options out there!

You could make a gift with some glue and glitter, but that is time-consuming and probably won’t come out how you expect. This butterfly ring is a good choice.

At least one of the nine ideas in this gift guide will make the perfect birthday present for the friend who claims they have it all.

Favorite Gift Guide
Favorite Gift Guide: Pictured, Maine Roast Protein Coffee. Image via Completenutrition, YouTube screenshot.

1. Protein Coffee

A gift that your picky friend likely doesn’t have already is protein coffee. It is a newer trend with a constantly growing market that your friend would love to be a part of.

Complete Nutrition is a great choice of protein coffee that your friend will be excited to drink. It has so little sugar and so few calories that they won’t believe it tastes as good as it does!

Drinking protein coffee every day can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Protein coffee is a great beverage to increase your intake of antioxidants along with other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Your friend will love giving their immune system a boost, supporting a healthier heart and feeling physically stronger with the help of protein coffee.

Ultimate Nutrition is my go-to drink before I work out. The coffee gives me the energy I need to get going, while the protein helps my muscles recover after I finish. 

Complete Nutrition comes in mocha, caramel or original flavors so you can give your friend exactly what they like.

Even if they supposedly have everything, they would love a little protein coffee to get their day on track.

2. Bath Bombs

Any type of body care is always a good choice for a friend who says they have it all. Bath bombs are the perfect gift to help your friend wind down and make time for a little self-love.

Scented bath bombs are a form of aromatherapy that helps reduce stress. Each ball has a different scent to liven up your friend’s evening relaxation routine.

A gift set filled with so many choices will make it a gift that lasts quite some time.

He or she can settle into the tub with a glass of wine after a long day and will be thrilled you thought of a gift they didn’t know they needed.

Favorite Gift Ideas
Featuring Tiesta Tea Cold Brew.

3. Tiesta Tea

The perfect way to please your friend could be with a product from Tiesta Tea. Meant for tea lovers and non-tea lovers alike, the awesome gifts Tiesta Tea makes will turn anyone into a fan.

Your friend might already have an infuser and a teacup, but Tiesta Tea makes so much more than that. They have various blends of loose tea that come full of vitamins and minerals to make anyone who drinks them feel good.

Your friend doesn’t really like loose tea? That’s fine too because Tiesta Tea has iced drinks in ready-made bottles, tea powders for easy blending, and their special Tea Brew!

Tea Brew is made with one of their popular loose tea flavors in combination with a beer low in calories and sugar.

Anybody would appreciate a gift or two from Tiesta Tea. The quality is out of this world and the options are endless!

Favorite Gift Ideas
Featuring the Contemporary Bonsai Tree Planter

4. Bonsai Tree Planter

If your friend truly has everything they could ever need, a Bonsai planter is something fun that they probably don’t need but should definitely have.

This could be the start of new love! Bonsai trees are so unique and will bring an extra special touch to any home.

All your friend has to do is plant the seeds in the provided pots and watch them grow. Even if they don’t have a green thumb these plants are likely to thrive.

They are so easy to care for and the kit comes with everything your friend would need. They’ll surely love getting a gift that they can watch grow into something beautiful.

5. Outdoor Game

Give your friend something they can enjoy for a long time. A fun outdoor game of ladder ball will keep your friend entertained and you proud of what you gave.

Ladder ball is a fun way to get out of the house and spark up a little competition. Play on a team or one on one to decide who is the ultimate champion.

This game is the opposite of an average, boring gift. It’s fun and exciting, and your friend most likely won’t have anything like it.

Ladder ball is something you can enjoy together that they definitely don’t know they’d love to have.

6. Custom Shirt

A customized gift is a great way to go when somebody claims they already have it all. They can’t say they already have something that you’ve created yourself!

With a little help from Screen Print This, you can make the perfect shirt for less than 20 dollars.

Completely create your design, from the styles and colors to the print that you like. Nothing about the shirt you make will be ordinary!

Make it funny or make it sweet. There are so many options when you design your friend the ultimate shirt on Screen Print This.

Favorite Gift Guide
Favorite Gift Guide: Pictured, Scented Soy Candles by Selkie Design.

7. Handmade Candle

Sure, your friend probably has candles. But they probably don’t have a soy candle that smells like delicious bacon!

Soy candles are a great option for indoor or outdoor decorating. They burn for a long time without giving off smoke that you can choke on.

Each candle is hand-poured in the United States, giving them all their own handmade touch.

Buying any other candle would be basic. Buying a soy candle is better for the environment and smells so much better than average.

Perfect Gift Guide
Perfect Gift Guide: TwinkleInTime selecting how the stars looked at any time or location special to the person being gifted.

8. TwinkleInTime

A close friend or loved one that has it all doesn’t have a gift as heartfelt as the prints from TwinkleInTime are.

You can select any location that means a lot to you and your friend and TwinkleInTime will show you what the stars looked like on a special date in that place.

It’s a sweet gift for anyone that means a lot to you. They’ll love how cool it is to be able to see the night sky hanging right on their wall.

They won’t be disappointed with their gift if it’s as special as TwinkleInTime.

Giving creative gifts to people who think they have it all might not be as difficult as you think. This gift guide should be the head start you need in picking something perfect for anyone you love.