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Alicia Navarro boyfriend id as 36 year old Walmart worker – on the run?

Alicia Navarro & boyfriend Edmund 'Eddy' Davis flee Havre, Montana home
Pictured, Alicia Navarro former Arizona teen girl and her boyfriend, Edmund 'Eddy' Davis flee Havre, Montana home.
Alicia Navarro boyfriend Edmund 'Eddy' Davis flee Havre, Montana
Alicia Navarro and her boyfriend Edmund ‘Eddy’ Davis flee Havre, Montana home. Unanswered questions.

Alicia Navarro boyfriend id as Edmund ‘Eddy’ Davis a former Walmart worker as the pair flee their Havre, Montana residence amid ongoing questions surrounding Arizona teen girl who lived off the grid for 4 years before suddenly re-emerging. 

Did a 36 year old Havre, Montana man abduct Alicia Navarro, a then 14 yea old Glendale, Arizona teen? And why have the pair decided to leave their Montana residence just days after the now 18 year old turned up a local police station to announce that she was alive and that she ought not be considered missing?

In the latest developments involving the saga of ‘here I am, gone tomorrow’ teen, Alicia Navarro and her live in boyfriend, 36 year old man, Eddie or Eddy Davis are reported to have left their Havre apartment amid fervent speculation in their case.

Davis, a former night stocker at Walmart and Navarro ‘cleared out’ of their residence with the assistance of his family, neighbor Garrett Smith told the nypost.

Who is Alicia Navarro’s boyfriend? 

Navarro was later seen with Davis at his parents’ trailer park home at the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in nearby Harlem, Montana.

Alicia was spotted helping the more than twice her age boyfriend unloading his car after a trip to the local supermarket, with the seemingly ‘loved up’ pair in good spirits. At least for the paparazzi.

Although the pair had been living together for more than a year according to neighbors, there is nothing to suggest Davis, had any part in Navarro’s 2019 disappearance from Arizona at age 14 — resulting in a huge nationwide search led by her mother, Jessica Nuñez.

As the mother had wondered over the years what may have happened to her daughter, the missing teen miraculously walked into the Havre police station on July 23 and asked cops to be taken off the missing persons list. The request came a day after locals said they had heard her arguing with Davis and threatening ‘I will go back’.

Public records show Davis has lived in Montana all his life. Posts on his Facebook account talked about how he experienced ‘country living for the first part of my life, then the work and injuries in my 20s’. 

In 2018 he posted about how he had ‘struggled with weight loss’ and ‘low self-esteem’ and revealed he had been working to shed some pounds after reaching 270lbs.

Davis worked the night shift at a local Walmart store before he was let go several months ago, according to a former co-worker, who asking the nypost that their identity remain anonymous out of fear they’d lose their job.

Davis had complained about his job and colleagues on Facebook in the past, writing in January 2018: ‘Feels pretty good having no coworkers as friends on FB now. No one to cry to the supervisors about what I say, bunch of b—–s….except the ones who are my friends on FB….you guys are cool as hell.’

Alicia Navarro and boyfriend, Edmund 'Eddy' Davis flee Havre, Montana residence.
Pictured Alicia Navarro boyfriend, Edmund ‘Eddy’ Davis, Havre, Montana. Images via social media.

How did a 36 year old man come to be living an 18 year old girl who disappeared from her home at age 14? 

Neighbor Jonathan Michaelson, 23, described Davis as someone who ‘doesn’t go out much’.

‘If he does, it’s late in the day.’ Michaelson told the nypost.

Adding, ‘He doesn’t like us playing loud music…he’s mostly banged on the wall…it left a bad impression on me so I never tried to get to know him.

‘I said something along the lines of chill out, it’s the middle of the day. He said ‘turn it down.’ He might have thrown in the f-bomb.’

What happened to Navarro over the last four years and how she ended up in Havre — 1,300 miles away from Glendale, Arizona, where she disappeared — remains unclear.

The circumstances of Navarro’s disappearance are the subject of an ongoing investigation involving the US Marshals, FBI, and police forces from both states.

Locals said authorities raided the apartment where Navarro has been staying last Wednesday and police later confirmed the male occupant was detained and questioned.

However, no arrest has been made in connection with her disappearance and Davis is not believed to be under police suspicion.

The pair fled their Havre apartment Monday in a dark Mitsubishi Eclipse around 8 p.m. local time, accompanied by Davis’ family in a 2000s Chevrolet Suburban, Smith said.

Where has Alicia been the last 4 years and why does she refuse to see her mother?

Since coming forward, Navarro has spoken to Nuñez over a video call.

However, police have made it clear that since Navarro is an adult, it is her choice whether to return to her home in Arizona.

So far Nuñez has not made the trip to Montana, with a private detective who worked closely with her on finding her daughter saying her plans to do so have been complicated by her having to care for her other two children.

Mother and daughter are said to have had a brief conversation by phone. It remained unclear whether Alicia had offered to make the trek to Arizona to visit her mother.

When Navarro handed herself over to the police, she said it was because she wanted to be taken off the missing person’s list so she could get a driver’s license.

As a legal adult, she now has the freedom to come and go as she pleases, a Glendale police spokesperson previously said.

‘Alicia is an adult, so it will be her decision as to whether or not she remains in Montana, returns to Arizona, or goes elsewhere, regardless of the investigation,’ spokesperson Gina Winn wrote in an email to the nypost. 

Navarro ‘willfully left her home’ in September 2019, just days before her 15th birthday, authorities said. Nuñez said her daughter left with her phone and laptop and disappeared over the garden fence.

She has previously said she thought Navarro had been lured from the home by someone online.

When she fled her family’s Glendale home, she left behind a note which read, ‘I ran away. I will be back. I swear. I’m sorry,’ according to KTAR News.

A missing person report from years prior described Navarro as autistic but high-functioning.