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Male model, 34, sues ex socialite lover, 71, trying to destroy him after break up

Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady ex socialite lover for $1.8million.
Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady ex socialite lover for $1.8million.

Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model, 34, sues Trudy Jacobson, ex socialite lover, 71, concocting scheme to destroy his real life and online reputation after break up. 

‘The perfect boyfriend experience with no strings attached.’  A 34 year old male model has filed a lawsuit against his former 71 year old socialite lover he met on an escort site, alleging the woman concocting an elaborate scheme in a bid to destroy him after breaking up with her following a three year dalliance. 

Trevor Dutch Shapiro, in his suit claims being pursued by a team of private detectives who were part of a purported scheme to ruin his reputation both online and in real life – and has now lodged a $1.8million lawsuit against ‘obsessed’ Trudy Jacobson.

Shapiro has accused Kansas-born Jacobson, 71, of masterminding the plot, alleging that she defamed him, disrupted his business connections, and intentionally caused him emotional distress, reports The Daily Beast.

In March 2021, Shapiro received a mysterious folder from a stranger in New York City, containing intimate photos of him with female friend, along with his personal information, including his Social Security number. 

Shortly afterwards, Jacobson also informed him that she too had also received a similar folder containing ‘graphic photos’ of him with other women.

Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady ex socialite lover for $1.8million.


‘I’m devastated!’ Jacobson told Shapiro in a text message seen by The Daily Beast. ‘You are a pathological liar. Why???? We are done.’

When Shapiro asked Jacobson if she was behind the images, she blocked him. 

The couple who had been involved for roughly three years had broken up three months prior. In filed court papers, Shapiro claims the the folder incident was the beginning of an alleged plot to destroy him. 

He claims that a group of private investigators stalked, harassed, and defamed him and his associates – which damaged his future job prospects, court records stated. 

Shapiro claims he endured a year of surveillance and harassment so intense that he needed the help of a psychotherapist to get through.

The detectives would allegedly hang posters in his neighborhood, depicting Shapiro and his new girlfriend, with the words printed: ‘Report human trafficking’ alongside a hotline number.   

Shapiro who once appeared on an episode of Bravo reality show Project Runway, initially filed a lawsuit against Law Enforcement Today (LET), a far-right conspiracy site after they wrote three ‘inflammatory’ stories about him. But he has since filed a proposed amended complaint that adds Jacobson along with a group of private investigators as defendants.

The complaint alleges defamation, tortious interference with business relations, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Pictured, Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady aka Manhattan socialite.

Lawyer involvement

But there’s more to this ‘psychological thriller’. 

Court filings mentions a supporting cast of characters including a Manhattan nurse, an Instagram influencer who blames Jacobson for sabotaging a male escort service she attempted to launch with Shapiro, and a friend whose marriage was allegedly ruined by the smear campaign. 

Shapiro claims that Jacobson paid investigators to track people as far away as Philadelphia and Florida, some of whom she had never even met.

When contacted by The Daily Beast, Jacobson declined to comment on the lawsuit, dismissing it as ‘nonsense’ and describing Shapiro as ‘an opportunist trying to cash in on a private situation.’

Her lawyer, Alexander R. Klein, warned that Shapiro would regret trying to add Jacobson to his litigation.

‘The plaintiff is asking the court for permission to change his complaint,’ Klein stated. ‘Whatever the merits were of his first version, he was wise to not include some of the new parties and claims he is trying to add now. We expect that the plaintiff will learn that lesson the hard way.’ 

Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady pictured with husband, John Jacobson with whom she formed multi-million trucking company, Trans Am.

Budding Manhattan socialite

Shapiro’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Kenneth McCallion, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Court papers reveal how Jacobson’s relationship with Shapiro lasted until December 2020. 

Jacobson remains married to her husband of 40 years, John. The couple founded TransAm Trucking, a premier trucking company, in 1987. The couple were able to grow the company with thousands of trailers serving nearly 40 U.S. states and by some accounts, more than $300 million in annual revenues.

Jacobson who went on re-invent herself as a Manhattan socialite (as one does…) is believed to have met Shapiro through an escort service soon after she moved to New York City ‘to find herself’. 

A 2018 nypost report described Jacobson moving into an $11.5 million penthouse at the Plaza Hotel, complete with a meditation room featuring erotic paintings by an artist named Sugar Titties, and hiring an image consultant to overhaul her look.

Cowboys 4 Angels, the escort site through which Jacobson hired her new found lover describes its offerings as ‘straight elite male companions for women’ and ‘the perfect boyfriend experience with no strings attached.’ 

Court papers allege how Jacobson would take Shapiro out on exotic trips, pricey meals and high-end designer clothing, while he could keep her happy in return.

Upon their relationship coming to an end, according to Shapiro, Jacobson was unable to let him go.

She is alleged to have hired a team of private investigators to follow him and his friend, and sent them mysterious folders complete with personal information inside. 

Trevor Dutch Shapiro male model sues Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady
Pictured, Trudy Jacobson Trucker Lady of Trans Am Trucking.

Male model reaches out to Lady Trucker’s husband

Shapiro’s lawsuit accuses Jacobson of conspiring with LET and other parties to portray him ‘as a prostitute, thief, perpetrator of assault, and general criminal.’

According to the court papers, the surveillance of Shapiro and his friends continued throughout 2021, with numerous instances of stalking and harassment.

In January 2022, Shapiro contacted Jacobson’s husband, John, in a desperate plea for help. In an email, he detailed his alleged affair with Jacobson and the subsequent harassment he and his friends had faced. 

According to The Daily Beast, his note read: ‘My name is Trevor Shapiro. I’m sorry to write to you like this but it is time for me to reach out, since you are my last resort here. 

‘She helped me financially, which was a huge blessing, and we traveled to places I could only have dreamt about if it wasn’t for her. I will be forever grateful for her,’ he explained, before noting the darker side of their relationship.  

He said the pair fought and things ‘became rocky’ with ‘the majority of our fights were about her feeling a need to have control over me.’ 

Shapiro described Jacobson as ‘having trust issues over friends that I was spending time with,’ while noting ‘Trudy has admitted to having me followed and photographed.’

Shapiro pleaded: ‘I have no other choice than to reach out to you, asking for you to speak to her to put an end to this harrassment [sic] that me and my friends are having to deal with. Several police reports, even with all the evidence, have gotten us nowhere. Can you please help.’ 

Shortly after Shapiro’s email, Jacobson hit him with a cease-and-desist letter, The Daily Beast reported. 

Reinventing herself

Around that same time, Jacobson and her former private investigation firm, Conflict International, filed lawsuits against one another other in a back-and-forth about confidential information allegedly being maliciously leaked.

When Jacobson, the self-styled ‘Lady Trucker,’ graced the October 2018 cover of the ‘aspirational luxury lifestyle’ magazine Resident, she shared one of her life’s biggest lessons. ‘Always be authentic, be who you are no matter what,’ Jacobson said. ‘You can’t be as happy as you can be by living behind a mask if you are living a life that is not suitable to you. Be willing to take that risk at any age.’

Jacobson true to her idioms and philosophy continues to reinvent herself following the million-dollar lawsuit lodged against her. 

In 2022, she launched a short-lived talent agency and announced a novel titled ‘Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves,’ though it’s unclear if the book was ever published. 

Jacobson has since sought to promote her web series ‘Great American Women’ that focuses on ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs.