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Small Sinks in Your Bathroom Interior

compact small sink
Choosing compact sink as an ideal choice for small bathrooms.
compact small sink
Choosing compact sink as an ideal choice for small bathrooms.

Choosing compact sink as an ideal choice for small bathrooms, taking up minimal space and providing home owners maximum value. 

A good modern washbasin is an integral element of every comfortable and cozy bathroom. Purchasing a compact sink will be an ideal choice for small rooms. Small sinks will not only save space in the bathroom and look beautiful but also make the room cozy, convenient, and comfortable. Aquatica offers a wide range of compact, small sinks that take up minimal space and provide maximum value.

The Best Sizes for Small Sinks

The class of small sinks includes products with the following parameters:

  • Length — from 20 to 45 cm
  • Width — from 18 to 55 cm
  • Depth -— no more than 25 cm

They are situated in compact bathrooms and combination restrooms. Compact washbasins serve the same purposes as regular washbasins but are seen to be a little less practical. 

Benefits of small sinks

A wide range of modern washbasins and hand washbasins can solve the most complex design problem. After selecting a small sink, you will appreciate its advantages:

  • By contrasting different shapes and installation methods, it is simple to understand the usefulness and convenience of little wash basins. It is feasible to entirely conceal both water supply and sewage lines with a sanitary siphon when using suspended versions of the console type with a pedestal or semi-pedestal. Additionally, furnishing washbasins with cabinets will aid in bringing order and faultless organization to the area.
  • Small washbasins can be used as standalone interior pieces or as part of furniture groups thanks to the elegant and sophisticated design of sanitary ware. The product line includes both elegant angular models and traditional small washbasins.
  • With the help of little wash basins, it is possible to stylishly and maximally functionally adorn small spaces. You may put sanitary ware in tiny niches next to the side wall using narrow washbasins with a typical design, corner models, and washbasins with the faucet offset. It will be simple to comfortably outfit a guest bathroom, as well as a little dressing room or bathroom, with the help of this miniature sanitary ware.