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Fascinating Information about Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand
Gambling in New Zealand: Evolution of Pokies & Online Casinos
Gambling in New Zealand
Gambling in New Zealand: Evolution of Pokies & Online Casinos

The ongoing evolution of Gambling in New Zealand: How Pokies and Online Casinos continue to remain standard form of entertainment in the digital arena. 

Gambling has always been the most standard form of entertainment and has never run out of style for it simply evolved. The advancement of the technology paved the way for the house of betting to be played conveniently through the aid of the internet using the modern gadgets of the virtual players.

Betting online is very in demand. According to the latest survey of Statista it reached the market size of $61. 5 billion in 2021 in the survey of the worldwide betting industry. By 2029, there is a big chance that it might reach up to $114.40 billion US dollars which only proves the growing popularity of this industry.

Brief Introduction to the Online Casino

An online casino is a betting site and anyone interested in gambling can do so by downloading the application. Gambling sites vary in terms of the games offered and the benefits. These sites are unique in their own way. The online casino in New Zealand provides one of a kind virtual wagering experience and is guaranteed legit and safe. 

Virtual Wagering in New Zealand

Gambling online and physical betting in New Zealand is very interesting because of the strong influence of their local jurisdiction. However, the locals seemed to be interested in this type of entertainment thus the government had to meet their demands halfway.

These are some of the amusing facts we have to know about virtual gambling in New Zealand:

  •       Locals call slot machine pokies

Pokies is another name for online slots in the country. It was introduced in 1987 and was operated by charitable institutions and was installed in gaming clubs, hotels, and land-based casinos in Skycity Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

Games like Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash were introduced in 1994 by Microgaming 1994 in online pokies which became very popular.

On July 1, 2009, Player Information Display was installed on all pokies to control the gambling activities of the people by informing the player how they have been playing and their losses. 

  •       Virtual betting is prohibited

According to the Gambling Act 2003, all forms of betting are prohibited except Horse betting, sports wagering, and online lotteries. Nevertheless, the government did not entirely close its doors to betting online because people can wager virtually from online casinos abroad as long as the foreign site operators comply with the rules of the country and are legit hence it will not be a problem.

  •       Advertising of gambling sites is not allowed

All forms of public promotions done online, thru email or social media, in the newspaper, or on television are not allowed. The reason for this is to protect minors and to control their people from gambling addiction.

  •       All casino operators are obliged to give a share of gambling profit to the government which will be used for public infrastructure, Art, Education, and Science funding.
  •       All winnings are given to the player 100% and tax-free unless the player is a professional gambler. For this reason, the government doesn’t have to know who the winner is to protect the identity of the bettor.
  •       Lottery

The lottery was approved in February 1986 by the New Zealand cabinet until it was fully established in June 1987 thus the existence of the Golden Kiwi lottery became under its authority. The Golden Kiwi was a New Zealand lottery that started in December 1961 and ended in 1989. It became very famous back in the heydays, prompting some religious groups to oppose such activity. 

  •       The popularity of Horse Racing

This form of gambling amusement has entertained the locals of New Zealand since 1840. The first race track in 1835 was held in the Bay of Islands. Horse Racing is part of the country’s culture and is very important in sporting events.

Final thoughts:

New Zealand is known for its refinement and love of entertainment. This gambling is one of their amusements which until now the people love the most. Their government is lenient about it but they are also strict in some ways to protect the welfare of their people. Hence, if you’re visiting the country and you have a passion for gambling, let’s know their gambling laws first for a seamless betting experience.