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The Development of Internet Fashion Among Teenagers: From Tumblr to TikTok

internet fashion
How Tumblr & TikTok redefined fashion amongst Generation Z
internet fashion
The Development of Internet Fashion Among Teenagers: How Tumblr & TikTok redefined fashion amongst Generation Z.

How Tumblr & TikTok redefined fashion amongst Generation Z: The Development of Internet Fashion Among Teenagers. 

When Tumblr and TikTok were launched, the developers surely expected to reach success. Still, they surely could not foresee how their social nets would influence fashion. These days, with the global pandemic, key social apps have become the ruling power in teenagers’ fashion development. These two platforms, in fact, define the modern fashion choices of teenagers. Besides, many young people get their inspiration from Tumblr. The network offers tons of content about recent fashion.

For many fashion lovers, both Tumblr and TikTok have become platforms to share their fashion talents. The recent pandemic and other social problems have made teenagers look for any form of escapism. The decision to express themselves with clothes on TikTok and Tumblr is one of them. It is already quite a popular phenomenon. Besides, Gen-Z is very much into inspiring other people. The number of followers can reach millions of people. Thus, Tumblr and TikTok develop more and more fashion trends online daily.

Development of Internet Fashion Among Teenagers

The Internet and the top networks define modern fashion for teenagers. Once reaching any of the mentioned nets you can learn lots about modern teenagers’ fashion. Every child knows how to access Tumblr and TikTok. If you have any troubles with using the apps, you can use VPN for iOS or Android.

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Tons of various subcultures have appeared recently. TikTok generates millions of videos daily. Mostly, teenagers share their thoughts and ideas. The chance to express themselves with clothes is used by thousands of users. Tumblr has a more aesthetic fashion culture. It was announced a few years ago that Tumblr lost its popularity to TikTok.

Still, with the recent pandemic, social networks have gained a significant number of new followers. Mostly, people who share their appearances on Tumblr choose soft grunge clothes. The soft grunge is called the most significant feature of Tumblr fashion. It may be not a particular Tumblr aesthetic. Still, it covers most of the ideas shared by users. Besides, since the biggest part of users is people under 24, the soft grunge feature has its original youthful twist.

The Key TikTok Fashion Preferences by Subcultures

Modern teenagers can be a part of various subcultures. Every defined subculture prefers its own variety of clothes. Thus, generation Z has learned to express themselves with clothes that define them as a part of a certain subculture. They gain tons of supporters and followers who use their ideas for creating their appearances every day. Among the key TikTok subcultures, the following ones are the most prominent: 


This is a Tik Tok fashion choice based on the fashion ideas from Bridgerton. Teenagers often use their favorite TV shows to create their looks. This particular fashion choice brings long-forgotten corsets, opera-length gloves, and ribbon chokers.


This fashion tendency was well known even before TikTok. Still, it has gained the biggest popularity among teenagers online recently. The so-called modern maximalist brings mixed prints, heavy vintage pieces, and unconventional pieces all together. 


Clowncore is a more extreme variation of maximalism. This fashion choice is based on a desire to make people around happy and smiling. The main elements include polka dot dresses, balloon-like pants, and various collars.


Dolls really dominate popular culture these days. Thus, the familiar fashion choice of teenagers is quite logical. Many influencers online propagate dollcore fashion. The aesthetics of dollcore is quite girlish. It celebrates femininity, pink color, and everything pretty.


This is, in fact, a fashion trend that is aimed at overthrowing all the ideas of vibrant maximalism. It celebrates the comfort of clothes, even if they look pretty unfashionable. It brings back baggy jeans, sneakers, oversized clothes, etc. 


This particular subculture is probably the most maintainable nowadays. Twee fans adore vintage things and various secondhand options. They like things that look like they came from the far 60s and 70s.


The world-known social nets like TikTok and Tumblr define the modern fashion choices of teenagers. With lots of free time caused by the pandemic, teenagers have engaged more in online fashion. They express their individuality and inner thoughts with the original fashion looks. They use the opportunity to share their looks online as a great form of escapism. 

With millions of followers on every mentioned platform, gaining a decent audience is quite easy. Besides, young people can also learn from other people’s appearances. Many of them often use the looks they check on Tumblr or TikTok to create their style. No doubt, the mentioned social networks greatly influence and will influence in the future the modern online fashion choices of modern teenagers around the world.