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Bend Oregon Safeway gunman leaves Manifesto explaining motives

Ethan Miller Bend Safeway shooter
Pictured, Ethan Miller Bend Safeway shooter who posted on YouTube before Oregon mass shooting along with publishing a Manifesto.
Ethan Miller Bend Safeway shooter
Pictured, Ethan Miller Bend Safeway shooter who posted on YouTube before Oregon mass shooting along with publishing a Manifesto.

Ethan Miller Bend Safeway shooter enters Oregon grocery store and kills two before being found shot dead in purported suicide as gunman is believed to have posted on YouTube moments before mass shooting along with leaving a manifesto behind. Gunman purportedly worked at Safeways a few years ago…

A gunman is reported to have entered a grocery store in Bend, Oregon, Sunday night, armed with an AR-15 rifle and shot two people dead before responding authorities found the gunman deceased, with a self inflicted mortal gunshot wound.

Police responded to multiple 911 calls from Safeway at the Forum Shopping Center in the central Oregon city at about 7:04pm, when panicked shoppers claimed a man clad in all black was ‘spraying shots’ from an automatic rifle in the parking lot.

Armed with a rifle and carrying two duffel bags, the unidentified shooter – since identified by social media as 20 year old local man, Ethan Blair Miller then entered the Safeway and shot one person inside the entrance, before going through the aisles and gunning down a second victim at the back of the store. A third shopper suffered gunshot wounds but was in a stable condition, CBS News reported.

Police arrived on the scene, expecting a gunfight, only to find the shooter deceased inside the store, with police saying the man died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. 

Follow up reports identified 66-year-old employee, Donald Ray Surrett Jr. and 84-year-old customer, Glenn Edward Bennett as the fatalities. Surrett would be hailed as a hero for confronting the gunman and thwarting more shooting deaths. 

Ethan Miller Bend Oregon Safeway shooter
Ethan Miller Bend Oregon Safeway shooter. Images via social media.

‘This will take along time to collect evidence,’

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz during a Sunday night press conference, said police did not fire any shots. It is not clear whether the shooter committed suicide or was shot dead by an armed member of the public. Chief Krantz said there was no evidence of a second shooter.

More than 50 percent of Oregonians own firearms and the open carry of firearms is legal statewide without a permit, though a license is required for concealed carry of handguns.

Police told of recovering an AR-15 rifle and a shotgun ‘in close proximity’ to the gunman, whose identify along with the victims, had yet to be revealed. 

‘This will take along time to collect evidence,’ Krantz told reporters last night. ‘We know this is a frightening thing for our community.’

While authorities declined to say what motivated Sunday’s mass shooting at Bend Safeway, a book purportedly published in July by the gunman, and purported to be his manifesto laid bare a chilling expose.

In self publishing platform, wattpad, the gunman published an expose titled, ‘The Downward Spiral of ‘Ethan Miller’.

The book, described as action is tagged with the following hash-tags: #death #guns #shooting #suicide #violence

Ethan Miller Bend Oregon manifesto
Ethan Miller Bend Oregon manifesto. Gunman according to social media used to work at Bend Safeway outlet and had planned shooting for Sept 8 at local Mountain View high school which he used to attend.

Ethan Miller Manifesto: ‘I can’t wait any longer’ 

In the manifesto, the purported shooter writes being suicidal and evil and taking full responsibility for his actions. He reportedly planned to carry out a school shooting on the first day back of the school year, Sept. 8, at the local high school but changed his mind because he couldn’t ‘wait any longer.’

Begins the purported manifesto: ‘I’m done waiting. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER. The Rage has become uncontrollable and It can’t wait 2 More Weeks… Tomorrow. Sunday. August 28th 2022. Doomsday.’ 

Writes Miller in a passage: ‘It’s a crazy thing to KNOW the GRAVITY of what I’m about to do and still be able to go through with it and be at Peace with what’s going to happen. My life could’ve been different but because of the mistakes and choices I’ve made it’d led me here. I’m not exactly upset with it though.. I will find Peace on the Other Side.

I feel like this shooting is gonna be a bit DIFFERENT though. Because I’m not like the typical Mass Shooter. I’m different I’m not doing this for “Fame” or to “Get Revenge”. I simply just want to DIE and leave a Lasting Impression and VIOLENT mark on this World on my way out.’ 

Users on social media indicated Miller previously working at the Safeways outlet as a cart pusher and having attended local Mountain View high school in which he had earmarked for a mass shooting for September 8 before bringing his plans forward to the night of August 28th.

Chief Krantz said law enforcement officials were aware of ‘information floating around social media’ claiming to be posts by the gunman and said they are being investigated.

Bend is a city of about 97,000 approximately 160 miles (257 kilometers) southeast of Portland, Oregon.