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6 Best Jobs for Pop Culture Lovers

Pop Culture Jobs
Preparing for college: Ideal Careers for Pop Culture Lovers. Admit it, you always wanted a job as a video game developer. Stock image.
Pop Culture Jobs
Preparing for college: Ideal Careers for Pop Culture Lovers. Admit it, you always wanted a job as a video game developer. Stock image.

Preparing for college: Best Jobs for Pop Culture Lovers. How to turn your passion into a career by taking advantage of education courses and live out your dreams. 

If you don’t know what you want to study while in college, you don’t have to make a final decision now. If you are preparing for college, you are on the right track already. For those who are passionate about pop culture, there are several options open.

Choosing Your Job

As you consider where you want your career to take you, consider the things you already enjoy. There are jobs out there for people who enjoy video games, books, learning, and everything else related to pop culture. While you are in school, there may even be relevant scholarships. Getting one or more scholarships is an excellent way to make school more affordable or even pay for your entire degree, and it’s not hard to find them with the right search tool. You can find scholarships for college students to help fund your educational journey.

Video Game Development

If you already spend your time playing video games, one way to learn how to be happy at work is you could turn your passion into a career. You can get an associates or bachelors in video game development, and your classes will likely require you to work with design software. You could then work as a writer, artist, producer, game tester, or a related field.

Interior Design 

If art or designing your spaces has always been interesting to you, you might consider getting into interior design. Having knowledge around pop culture can help with your designs. You will learn all about designing spaces that fit your clients’ needs and are pleasing to look at. You can work with model homes, commercial spaces, real estate, or residential homes. Within the industry, there are different areas you can specialize in. You may decide to work for a company or start your own agency with clients you reach out to yourself.

Technology-Related Careers

If you are interested in cars throughout pop culture, you might want to turn your passion into a career.  you can take an automotive service tech course that will prepare you to work on cars. Depending on the degree program, you will likely use modern technology and equipment, no matter the type of car you are interested in. You will likely put in many hours of practice to get the experience employers are looking for in candidates. You might get a certificate, associates, or bachelor’s degree in this industry. 

Pop Culture Jobs
Pop Culture Jobs: Research assistants get to work on lots of projects and explore a variety of themes.

If working with people is more your thing, you could enter a career in prosthetics or orthotics technology. A degree in this field would teach you how to fit other people with artificial limbs or braces. You might find yourself working in a rehab center and with people who have disabilities. You may choose to get an associate’s degree and then become certified in your area to become more employable.

Research and Learning 

If you have always had an interest in books or research, you may want to consider a library-related career. You could get a technical certificate that prepares you to organize and acquire a range of materials for a library. You would also learn how to help visitors find each type of material. You could also choose to get training as a research assistant. You might work with historical foundations to compile collections, or you could help in academia. If you want to work in academia, know you may need a higher degree, such as a masters.

Legal-Related Careers

Those who are interested in learning more about how the legal system works may want a relevant career. You don’t have to go to law school to have a very successful career in this industry. You can work as a paralegal, which will have you creating documents and assisting attorneys. You could work in personal injury, domestic law, criminal, or other areas.

Getting started typically requires a certificate, associates, or bachelors, depending on the particular employer. If you are interested in attending proceedings themselves, you may consider going into court reporting. You would be responsible for preserving the record by taking notes or audio recordings, depending on the type of reporting you went into. You could go the traditional route and go to court reporting school, or you could become a digital court reporter, which does not require as much training.