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Why Remedial Massage is Great for Your Body

remedial massage benefits
Health benefits of remedial massage & how it can be great for body & mind.
remedial massage benefits
Health benefits of remedial massage & how it can be great for body & mind.

Eight reasons why remedial massage can be great for your body and mind. Understanding the health benefits of massage and how it can restore you. 

Massage therapists are well aware of the health benefits of massage, but in case you’re not, here are eight reasons why remedial massage can be great for your body and mind. Some of these benefits are immediate, while others take longer to show up, but all are beneficial in the long run.

Of course, it can be difficult to make time for regular massages, especially if you have a demanding job or busy family life. However, if you find the time to seek out the relaxation that comes with one or more massages per month, you’ll find yourself reaping rewards over the years, that is why Remedial Massage Melbourne has it all for you.

1) Structural Alignment

If you have issues with structural alignments, such as posture or back problems, massage therapy can help correct these. Additionally, a therapist will be able to tell if your body needs work by assessing all of your muscle groups. 

You may find that massages improve how you move and how well your muscles support you. A therapist can also help spot any injuries that may not yet be apparent. This type of remedial massage in Melbourne could be just what you need to get yourself moving again.

2) Improves Blood Flow

A large number of ailments are caused by poor blood flow. If you have a circulation problem or an injury, massages can help remedy that condition. In fact, if your condition persists, massage therapy may be required to ease your pain and increase blood flow back to normal levels. 

The better your circulation system works, the healthier you will feel overall and be able to maintain good health. As long as you treat yourself to regular sessions of remedial massage, you should continue to feel great in general health terms while also enjoying lots of other potential benefits like improved productivity and reduction in fatigue levels.

3) Better Sleep

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is essential to our physical and mental well-being. That said, how much sleep we need varies from person to person, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. But if you aren’t already getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night (however you define night) then you should try to change that as soon as possible—sooner rather than later. 

A remedial massage could help with both your body and mind, even leading to a better quality of life overall. The faster you get on track with your rest, however, the sooner you can start reaping those benefits! There are lots of things you can do if that sounds impossible right now.

4) Relieves Pain

A good massage can actually relieve chronic pain, among other ailments. Regular massages can improve your flexibility and make you less prone to injury, which are things that will help you keep up with your exercise routine. 

remedial massage benefits
Health benefits of remedial massage & how it can be great for body & mind.

A study from The Journal of Pain found that women with osteoarthritis in their knees who received massages were more able to move around and had less pain than those who didn’t receive massages. If you’re looking for pain relief or want to prevent future injuries, consider getting a massage every few weeks. It could be just what your body needs!

5) Decreases Stress

When you’re feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, getting a massage can be one of the best ways to reduce your tension. A 2010 study at SUNY University at Buffalo found that massage therapy decreases stress and anxiety in test subjects by lowering levels of cortisol, which reduces activity in your central nervous system. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, massages also increase the production of oxytocin, a hormone that increases feelings of trust and decreases fear and anxiety. The release of oxytocin may also help explain why massages have an overall anti-depressant effect—they make us feel good.

6) Improved Posture

The health benefits of massage therapy include improved flexibility, reduced muscle spasms and aches, and improved posture. Many studies have shown that consistent massage therapy can reverse chronic back pain. For example, one study showed that regular massages can help prevent chronic back pain in people who do manual labour (like waiters or construction workers). The subjects were divided into two groups—one received 10 weeks of regular massages, while the other group received no massages. By week 10, 95 per cent of people who got massages had experienced a decrease in symptoms compared to only 50 per cent who didn’t get massages.

7) Reduces Headaches

If you’re plagued by headaches, book a massage. The gentle stretching involved in remedial massage can work wonders when it comes to relieving tension and stress in muscles that are causing you pain. Many massage therapists offer pre-post treatment exercises as well; if your headaches come after working at a computer or taking part in an activity, be sure to let your therapist know so they can incorporate these into your next session. In many cases, regular massages—or even just one or two—can help prevent headaches from happening again!

8) Releases Endorphins

Research has shown that getting a massage releases endorphins, also known as your body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins can have a profound effect on your mood, making you happier and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. And lower levels of stress can lead to decreased cravings for unhealthy foods, resulting in weight loss. 

A Remedial Massage can help you release those endorphins and relieve stress in as little as 30 minutes. For maximum results, try incorporating Remedial Massages into your weekly routine! If massages are too expensive or difficult to find where you live, try buying a foam roller or tennis ball instead. They work similarly but will cost much less!

A mini-massage: Some people find it difficult to get an appointment with their favourite masseuse because they are so busy – which makes it hard for them to fit regular massages into their schedules. Fortunately, there is another way to get some me time without having to go out and pay for a full hour of professional care. Mini-massages using tennis balls or foam rollers offer similar benefits in only 10 minutes per day!


No matter what kind remedial massage you receive, massage therapy is bound to help ease muscle tension that results from working out too hard or driving a long distance on a road with lots of potholes in it. With any luck, these eight reasons why remedial massage is great for your body will encourage you to get your hands on one soon!