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5 Super Useful Tips for Buying Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry in 2022

buying Gemstones & Gemstone Jewelry
What you should be asking when buying Gemstones & Gemstone Jewelry.
buying Gemstones & Gemstone Jewelry
What you should be asking when buying Gemstones & Gemstone Jewelry.

What you should be asking when buying Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry: understanding what gemstones are, check saturation, demand a guarantee, think design settings. 

Buying gemstones or gemstone jewelry is a risky business. One miscalculation means that you’ll end up losing thousands of dollars. So, before going out to buy gemstones or gemstone jewelry, here are a few tips you might want to remember.

#1 Always Do Your Research First

Shopping for gemstones and gemstone jewelry is always fun. It’s even more exciting when you do it spontaneously. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Even if it is, you should have sufficient knowledge about gemstones and the market before going shopping. It’s always a good idea to go in with knowledge about what you want in the stone or jewelry. 

You must know how to differentiate between treated and natural gemstones. Fancy-colored diamonds like blue diamonds, pink diamonds, fancy red diamonds, etc. are not always natural. When buying a colored diamond, you must first check whether it’s natural or treated. The same goes for any other gemstone you might want to buy. 

Natural stones get their colors naturally, while treated ones undergo heat treatment for color enhancement. There’s no easy way to tell them apart, but you can cross-check the gemstones’ various certificates and authentication documents for verification. Trusting your dealer is crucial here. Thus, always buy from authentic and trusted dealers and stores. 

#2 Check the Saturation

Checking the saturation is a must when it comes to colored gemstones. The same stone you see online is more than likely to appear different when you look at it closely. The subtle differences in the hue and tone of that particular colored gemstone directly affect its saturation. 

When buying rare and unique red diamonds, you’ll see that the ones that appear less saturated are cheaper. The deeper the color, the more elegant and vibrant it will look. As a result, these natural fancy red diamonds will be more saturated and expensive. The same goes for other colored gemstones like blue diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Gemstones receive various grades and scores based on their clarity and tone. If you don’t know how this works, ask your jeweler or dealer for clarification. 

#3 Go Armed with Questions When Buying Gemstones

No reputable dealer will hesitate to answer your questions. They know that customers are spending a ton of money on these stones. Therefore, it’s natural for them to have questions. They will be willing to answer all your queries in detail, making sure that you know what you’re buying. 

Some of the most important questions you can ask your dealer are –

  • Where is the origin of the stone?
  • Does this stone come with a grading or lab report?
  • Is the stone treated or natural?
  • If treated, what treatments were applied to the gemstone?
  • What has been compromised in the identical gemstones priced lower than a particular one?
  • Which metal band would be the best fit for a particular gemstone ring?

Besides all these, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the gemstones’ pricing and possible return options.

#4 Ask for a Guarantee

Don’t buy anything from a dealer or jeweler that won’t provide you a guarantee certificate for the gemstone. Dealers and jewelers who hesitate to offer such guarantees are usually up to no good. For those who do offer a guarantee, you can trust them and their products. In many cases, they will allow you to return the stone within a year of purchase. By then, you might even conduct your testing on the stone. 

Gemological agencies will love to do the testing for you. They can then tell you whether you got a real gemstone or a fake one. Experienced gemologists can also tell whether or not the stones are natural. 

#5 Think of a Design Setting

When buying gemstone jewelry, your dealer or jeweler will show you multiple designs and styles. Ideally, you should consider buying something from those pre-existing settings. That’s because jewelers made those designs so that they get to utilize the maximum surface area of the stone. It could also be that some stones are so delicate that cutting them any other way would damage them.

However, don’t hesitate to ask whether or not you can have a different design for an existing piece of jewelry. As long as the jeweler is experienced and confident, they can manage it for you.

That’s all for today. As long as you stick to these tips, your gemstone buying experience will be sublime.